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scale.5 min interval during the drying process in order to determine the drying curve. Activation energy of some materials. According to the weight variation during the drying process

the sample weight loss rate was determined by Equation (3). Results were similar to the activation energy of some materials in literatures given in Table. It was found that the values of activation energy E for moisture diffusion during the thermal drying process of sample A and B brand were.53 kJ/mol and.38 kJ/mol, respectively, while preexponential factor of Arrhenius equation was.24 and.73. Two paper mill sludge samples were selected, and the drying experiments were completed with a constant air speed.96 m/s and a temperature range of 50C - 80C on a laboratory convective dryer. (5) The value can be calculated by Equation (5) with the weight loss rate during the drying process at different drying temperature of two samples. The values of k rose along with the rising of drying temperature. Cite this paper Yu,., Liu,., Su,. According to the Avrami-Erofeev equation, the natural logarithm equation can be given by Equation (4). Results and Discussion, the paper mill sludge sample were dried using hot air of a temperature range of 50C - 80C and constant air velocity.96 m/s, and the drying characteristics were discussed. Results showed that the influence of drying temperature on drying rate became more and more obviously with the decreasing of water content. Sample and Experiments, the sludge samples used for experiments were collected from two different workshop of a paper mill in Wuhan. In addition, little sample was selected to measure the initial water content in the thermostatic drying chamber. At temperature range of 50C - 80C of sample A, while it varied in the range. In addition, the reaction rate constant of moisture transfer and the activation energy for moisture diffusion during the thermal drying process were calculated. Introduction, paper mill sludge is a by-product of waste water treatment process in paper mill. But the drying rate was.5 g m2min) and.4 g m2min) when water content was 20, respectively. The schematic diagram of experimental equipment. The electronic scale can achieve real time measuring of the sludge weight and send the data to computer with an accuracy of 1 g and measuring range of.

96 ms at a laboratory convective dryer. The activation energy of dry sample B was the smallest. The accuracy of temperature controller was. Figure 1 mainly consisted of a blower. The air velocity in the drying chamber related to air flow was adjustable. As a result, values of lnk were plotted versus 1T shown in Figure. Respectively, the lnln method can be used for solve the reaction kinetic mechanism equation of paper mill sludge drying process 3 whereW0 and W were the initial weight of sludge sample and the real time weight at time. The fitting curve of versus time t can be built. Rapid economic development has brought rapidly growing of paper mill sludge yield. Reaction rate constant of two sample.

Drying experiments of two paper mill sludge were carried using hot air with a temp erature range of 50?C - 80?C and an air velocity.96 m/son a laboratory.From pulp and paper mills.

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And water evaporation happened in the sludge interior. As dry expected, lignite and carrot, the suitable can be described by Equation. So thermal analysis method was used for discuss the drying kinetics of paper mill sludge in this paper.

For example, the maximum drying rate of sample A at 50C was 15 g/ (m2min) while it was 31 g m2min) at 80C.First, drying temperature (the air temperature of drying chamber inlet) and air velocity were set by temperature controller and frequency converter, respectively.


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For example, when sludge sample A was dried at 80C and 50C, the drying rate.The relationship between reaction rate and sample weight loss rate can be described by reaction kineticmechanism equation as Equation (1).It was found from Table 1 that the value of reaction rate constant k varied in the range.Received sludge was a kind of brown and loose material with high water content (wet basis sample A was.86 and sample B was.9.”