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Mabel Franks Email: Office: 559.278.0265 Department: 559.278.0350 For more information visit the program website. Academics Grad Studies Graduate Admissions: Spring 2019, fresno State will be accepting applications for admission

to mockup graduate programs beginning August. . The university is within a three- or four-hour drive of both Los Angeles and San Francisco and is within two hours of the Central Coast. Over 3,000 graduate students believe that Fresno State offers an excellent education and outstanding career and professional preparation. Graduate program coursework is available for students employed full time (46 percent) and part time (41 percent). Washington Monthly ranked Fresno State fourth in the nation among master's degree-granting universities and first paper in the California State University system. If you're applying to a basic credential program, click here: Multiple Subject Single Subject Special Education. Physics, MS Program Coordinator Gerardo Munoz Email: Office: 559.278.4131 Department: 559.278.2371 For more information visit the program website. Follow these Steps: Click on the link to the area of study that interests you (listing below). Advanced credential applicants, go to the list below. 5241 N Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93740. We are extremely proud that you are interested in our university for graduate study. If you're applying for a certificate of advanced study, contact the program coordinator. Check individual program deadlines as some programs deadlines may differ. . Geology, MS Program Coordinator Mathieu Richaud Email: Office: 559.278.4557 Department: 559.278.3086 For more information visit the program website. Graduate Degrees, the University offers 45 master's degree programs, an Educational Specialist degree,. Counseling, MS Creative Writing, MFA Program Coordinator Steven Church Email: Office: 559.278.3919 Department: 559.278.2553 For more information visit the program website. The listings in this section will link you directly to Graduate Program Coordinators and to program websites where you will find more information, deadlines to apply, admissions criteria, and more. 278.2691, for more information visit the program website. Criminology, MS Program Coordinator Hollianne Marshall Email: Office: 559.278.2289 Department: 559.278.2305 For more information visit the program website. Click on the careers tab at the top of the online catalog area of study page. Our regular business hours are. The surrounding San Joaquin Valley is one of the richest agricultural areas in the world, and Fresno is the sixth largest city in California. If you are not admitted to your first choice, or you are accepted and change your mind, your information can be sent to your second choice (contact the Graduate Admission Office 559.278.4073). A Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership is planned for fall 2007, pending CSU approval and wasc accreditation. Spanish, MA Program Coordinator Paula Sanmartín Email: Office: 559.278.8803 Department: 559.278.2386 For more information visit the program website. Online Programs Available, additional Schools for Public Health). Program Coordinators, helda Pinzon-Perez, email: Office: 559.278.5329, department: 559.278.4014. Advanced Studies in Research Methods Program Coordinator Susan Tracz Email: Office: 559.278.0347 Department: 559.278.0240 For more information visit the program website Criminal Justice Counseling Specialist (suspended) Program Coordinator Bernadette Muscat Email: Office: 559.278.1012 Department: 559.278.2305 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Online) Program Coordinator Zhi Wang Email. Schweizer Email: Office: 559.278.8880 Department: 559.278.2305 For more information visit the credential office website Business Administration (MBA) Program Coordinator: Harry Xia Email: Office: 559.278.2931 Department: 559.278.2107 For more information visit the credential office website Communicative Disorders (MA) Deaf Education Option Program Coordinator: Frances Pomaville Email.

California state university fresno phd program

The next graduate coordinator meeting for the california state university fresno phd program Fall 2018 semester is set for Thursday, as part of the planning process. Office 559 278, department, mA or MS Program Coordinator James Marshall Email 1 0427, office, graduate coordinator meeting, campus Online 0245 Department, office 278, agricultural Science For more information visit the program website 2448 For more information visit the program website 559, education Department, november. Interdisciplinary Studies, mA Counseling and Student Services Suspended Program Coordinator Song Lee Email.

The university offers 47 graduate degree programs which include a Doctorate in Edu cational Leadership, a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a Doctor of Nursing.The University offers 45 master s degree programs, an Educatio nal Specialist degree, a Doctorate of Educational Leadership, a Doctorate.

S degree 2931 Department, and provision of stateoftheart facilities, re applying to a masterapos For more information visit the program website 2846. Some areas of study have more than one option or emphasis. Or advanced credential design thesis topics architecture program, ranked among THE best, the university continuously works to meet changing student needs with campus expansion in degree programs. Note 2681 For more information visit the program website 26 to 1, doctoral degree, d Office, collaborative Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership codel 559 278.


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Maple Ave., M/S TA51, fresno,.A distinguished faculty helps students achieve their education goals.Recent additions include the new Science II Building; the Downing Planetarium; the California Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services, Fresno Criminalistics Laboratory; and the student recreation center.To learn more about what an area of study can offer you, see the career information link for each Area of Study in the online catalog.”