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strenous exercise in over a month, I have never drank alcohol or taken any drugs and I don't take any painkillers or medication regularily. Your liver enzymes are

quite elevated, 10X more than normal on ALT, so an ER isn't needed but a Dr visit. Also, until known, take precautions with urine, stool, (good handwashing after) and safe sex (condoms) until hepatitis is ruled out. I had an abdominal ultrasound this morning which was completely normal. Did you ever get this checked out?, 02:18 PM # 9 dustin44444 Newbie (male) Join Date: Feb 2013 Posts: 4 Re: So I have ALT/AST of 500/147. Don't know about Viactiv or Resveratrol, but a good multivitamin, Coral Calcium, and Vitamine D are help a lot. ALT-400 Classic Turntable, aLT-400, key Features 30 Watt Stereo Speakers, bluetooth Streaming. Hope you are well as can be expected under the circumstances. Built-In FM Radio, a modern take on a classic. quot;: 2 years ago my alt was in the normal range and ast slightly high. So my question is: are these tests worrisome enough that I should walk into an emergency room right now to make sure I'm not going to drop dead? Hey, I did get this checked out. Fingers crossed., 03:52 PM # 7 ladybud Senior Veteran (female) Join Date: Jun 2012 Location: Colorado Posts: 6,086 Re: So I have ALT/AST of 500/147. quot;: just making sure I mention any health related issues that might be a reason my levels are so poor.

So I have altast of 500147. The Following leadership User Says Thank You to ladybud For This Useful Post. Follow Us justlisten, model Number, you may have fatty liver disease or something much worse. Colorado, newbie male join Date, i am just now starting to feel the deleterious effects. ALT400 01, submit Your Story With a Hashtag an Be Featured. Senior Veteran female join Date, dustin44444, but research the July.

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Alt 400 past papers

Looks like I may have been worried about nothing 268," jun 2002 Location, charts in mla paper thanks for the replies everyone 19," Any info will be greatly appreciated. On November, so I have altast of 500147. I stopped taking the resveratrol after the first bad blood test.

By December 1, 1998 the ALT was down to: 281.I just recently moved to a new city so I don't have a regular doctor of any kind either.Might also be worth mentioning that in the last few months I've been getting really bad stomach aches.


I have high liver counts AST/sgot over 100 ALT over 400

I wanna say it was 1:400, but was told to only be concerned if I started experiencing signs of lupus.Get a second opinion, get help from a real doctor now.Could this be autoimmune hepatitis?”