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the final coat of darker grey spray paint: And then were done! Its time to situate the hanging hardware and then fill it! I just used the old flour

and water and stoeln-from-parents-newspaper method, and it worked out great! With a blasting shield that covered his eyes of course! Basically, you want a larger surface area to distribute the weight, instead of a single spot. A lightsaber and a blasting helmet shield, of course! Well, how was Luke Skywalker trained? He says he wants Angry Birds next year well see what happens! (I actually tried doing one using one of those punch ball balloon things, but i t popped and was very sad when it did. He looks at me like Ive spouted a second nose. A couple coats of primer happens decor to be just the right color grey. (It has since been cut down so Max can use it to practice his baseball swing; multitasking!). And the last little detail, the blindfold for the piñata hitting Jedis. And about 20 minutes later, comes back in with this: Because of course he did. So, he did end up using a broomstick that was spray painted, but he added this little bonus as well. I used a super shiny chrome variety of duct tape but you could also just use standard duct tape or any other silver tape you have around ( foil tape, washi tape, etc). This is the fourth (and final) post in the ones about Maxs Star Wars 5th birthday party! This is where I handed the project of to Jamie he had a vision, and Id only get in the way. I dont call him My Ridiculous Husband for no reason. May The Fourth Be With You. Its May the Fourth today and fans around the world are celebrating the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars! Because I made this over the course of several weeks, Id store my flour and water mixture in the fridge. Nothing worse than a pinata falling down before anyone gets to take a whack at it! 2 circles of the wood with holes in the middle, then a stick to hold the paracord that ran through the holes, then out and out the top. Protip: If you do the same, dump off the water that separates to the top, and replace with nice warm tap water. Drill a hole in the top of the sphere, keeping mind where the indented part should. (Because of course this is a concern!). Wrap entire lightsaber handle with two strips of duct tape. Shakes his head and goes into the garage. Wrap one piece of paper around the top or the torch or flashlight. On the underside of the paper, double over tape (or use the double-sided kind) all along the edges of the flashlight s base - you don t want the tape to be visible. Make paper mache by hand lightsabers.

You can read the first three here. But Jamie totally took over the decorating it part. Cut six small strips of black foam approx. I hadnt done paper mache since junior high. But I wasnt going to let that stop. Randomly rotate romford it and start another layer it isnt all that scientific of a thing. So Id do a layer, he turned a lightsaber handle on the lathe. Then he used a brush and black paint to start adding the details.

We made a paper mache mix of one part flour to two parts water.(I also threw in a couple of tablespoons of cinammon, so our lightsabers wouldn t smell like newspaper).Then, we ripped the newspaper into strips, and paper -mached the wrapping paper tubes.

Paper mache lightsaber

Also, we can spray paint a broomstick for the lightsaber 5 paper and place evenly around DIY lightsaber handle. Whether you add fruit or veggies. We started with a beach ball and did 68 layers of paper over. Youll notice it goes around the spigot for inflating the beach ball. Thanks Amazon, now this is a kinda weird part. Letting each layer dry in between 12, but I hope you get. These skewers are easy to make and sure to be a crowd favorite. You have everything, then we used paracord and a few circles of scrap wood to create a thing to hold. I think, im totally not explaining it well.

Just add either fruits or cubed veggies and enjoy!Cut another similarly sized strip thats long enough to go around the entire handle.


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Once its filled, use a couple more layers of paper mache to seal up the hole!Cut a small red Foamies circle and adhere in place above the other foam details.Jamie used a hole saw to cut that out for.And I came home from work one day to find this: And as for the piñata?”