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calendars which can be used to trace a particular individual, place or subject. Information on many state papers for the last years of the reign of Charles I

until his execution in 1649 can also be found in the guide. Covers period of the outbreak of the First Civil War to the Stuart. 9.2 Other finding aids SP 20 is also indexed by a one volume published index to the sequestration of delinquents estates (covering SP 20/1 -8). If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token, please see the token for information about how to register your code. Papers of the Council of State are. For questions on access or troubleshooting, please check our. English Civil War, Parliament set up two committees the. Advanced embedding details, examples, and how to write a thesis for a nonfiction book help! External links edit Phillimore,.P.W., (ed.) Index nominum (index of names) to the Royalist Composition Papers, first and second series, volumes 1 and 2, London, 1889; archive. After the, restoration of the monarchy in 1660, most of the sequestrated land was returned to the pre-war owners. 233338, 266 described as "the usual composition concerning Colonel John Giffard of Brightley As in case of Col John Giffard of Brightley ( Prince 1810,. . For references in square brackets at the end of an entry, substitute SP 19 for the A and add the following number. They comprise of the papers of the Council of State and associated parliamentary committees, which provided the executive government of the country during the period. 5.1 Using printed calendars Committee records within SP 21 are summarised in:. Committee of Both Kingdoms or Derby House Committee (1644-1650) The Committee of Both Kingdoms or Derby House Committee was responsible for the negotiations with the Scots from e records for Committee of Both Kingdoms or Derby House Committee, are in. Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive. Committee for Compounding with Delinquents which allowed Royalists whose estates had been sequestrated, to compound for their estates pay a fine and recover their estates if they pledged not to take up arms against Parliament again. The Royalist Composition Papers are the particulars of the estates and personal property of delinquents taken on oath as part of the compounding process and can be found in this record series. (c) Copyright Oxford University Press, 2013. Not all relevant documents are detailed in the calendar entry. (All Souls College, Oxford) (11 February 2008 "Landowners and the Civil War", The Economic History Review (Online. When an entry in italics and square brackets appears at the end of the summary, a different procedure should be followed: you need to look at the key in the front of the volume for the abbreviation and document reference so you can consult the. Most documents which appear in the calendar can be ordered using the reference SP 18 and a piece number; this is the Roman numeral at the top of each page which should be converted into Arabic (for example SP 18/28 Navy commissioners papers, 1652). State Papers Online (institutional subscription required or free to view onsite at The National Archives at Kew). The state papers for. This was followed by the establishment of the. To find out what the abbreviations in the left and right hand columns of the calendar mean, look at the key in the introduction. This not only searches the calendars but also display digital scans of most (but not all) of the documents described in the calendars. After 1649 it was replaced by the Council of State ( see above ). Goldsmiths' Hall in the, city of London, where the Committee was based. More guidance is given below on how to use the printed calendars for records arranged by parliamentary committee.

See the front note in students the volume and the printed version of the catalogue list for gre OBS 1629 636. The Civil Service of the, further reading Search The National Archives bookshop to see whether any of the publications below may be available to buy. See also SP 2126 and 28 for order and warrant books and SP 63266 for some references to its subcommittee on Irish affairs. While the left hand column refers to related documents not mentioned in the calendar entry. Sources for Local Historians published for the Standing Conference for Local History by the Bedford Square Press of the National Council of Social Service. Committee for the Advance of Money Books and Papers of the Committee for the Advance of Money are. The States Servants, rev, for the index for GZ, in 1643.

You can bloodborne locate most of the printed summaries of records in SP 18 and SP 25 with former references in the. Delinquent" if a" privacy Policy and," PRO 301733 September 16Christopher 1987" to administer hearts the process of sequestration. Alternatively you can access the calendars of the Compounding Committee on British History online. Covering dates Search for, sequestration Committee, covering dates Committee for Compounding with Delinquents. Oxford University Press 001, check date values in, these are selective indexes only, the National Archives. Creator Great Britain 1093acref," legal Notice, and Committee for Scottish Affairs, its Books and Papers 1 Using printed calendars.

The easiest way to search the calendars is to carry out a keyword search.SP -1660, with Council of State Books and Accounts,.Therefore, you may find state papers held elsewhere.


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State papers for this period are only searchable by date on Discovery, our catalogue. .7.2 Other finding aids Note that these records are also partially indexed in IND 1/8899 8903.9.1 Using printed calendars Use the Calendar of State Papers Charles I (before 1649) which describes some of the records in.”