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edge toward you to reveal the white side. Youre not just limited to a torn bottom edge, eitheryou can tear the top or either side. Your dominant hand tends

to "lead" the direction of the tear to either the left or right. For example, this I Am So Thankful page has a 4-wide strip of Autumn Leaves paper glued to the bottom of the Burlap paper. Try this on the bottom edge of a photo you want to draw extra attention toor do it on the edge of your journaling. Once youve torn your paper, you can either add it to your page right awayusing the white or non-white edgeor you can accent the edge. Click here to view large image, say you want to do a little something extra on your next scrapbook page. Chalking is another favorite, especially for subtle color and shading. Leave it for a couple of minutes to sink into the fibers and then tear along the wet strip. This will allow you to go back and even up any wobbles or irregularities without spoiling the image. A non-white edge is great if you like a subtler look. Practice with scraps and see what each reveals. The individual nuances of each piece of paper lend to the individual nature of the technique. The most important thing to know about paper tearing is that its all about imperfection. Step 1: Folding, first fold along the line you would like to rip and crease hard. I like this little addition to the page because it softens all those straight lines and adds some visual interest and a little texture to the page. You might find that tearing against the paper fibers gives you more texture or that tearing it slower gives you a cleaner look. Paper tearing is one of those techniques. It gives a little bit of extra definition. When you tear paper, a soft textured edge is revealed. It is useful when you want to mimic an old piece of paper, similar to a treasure map or hand-written document. When you're tearing a frame around an image, drawing, or stamp, be sure to leave yourself plenty of extra space. Tear out your paper embellishments, i love the look of torn paper embellishments, like ephemera images, alphabet tiles and other images. It gives an artistic feel to just about any page, adds texture and gives you one more tried-and-true technique to use on your future layoutsand its a great stress reliever at the end of a busy day! Is it possible to tear too many things on your page? It can also be used on its own for handmade cards and gift tags. Due to the various ways that the fibers are pressed in various papers, you will get different effects as you switch from one paper to another. Play with it a bityoull find you get different effects when you chalk on a white edge as opposed to a non-white edge. Many people also like the organic, natural feel of torn paper. These can make your finished project look great and help you get consistent results out of your tears. The bottom edge Ill trim to about 1 1/2then Ill tear off about 1/2 from that edge.

How to tear paper straight

Itapos, then use the sponge applicator to apply a little bit of chalk along the torn edge. Share, these tiny improvement fibers are not evident when the paper is cut with scissors or a blade. Plastics Contest, simply place the torn edge onto a piece of scrap paper. My favorite way game to tear a strip of background paper is to simply place the paper down on my table and use one hand to hold the largest part of the paper flat. Inking is one of my favorite ways to accent the torn edge.

We ve all been in a situation without scissors and end up ripping a zigzag line of paper.This happens all the time in forums you have to fill out.This instructable aims to eliminate the problem by teaching you to rip paper in a straight line.

You can emphasize the texture of your torn paper davey board or paper board edge to add even more dimension to the paper. When have you torn too much. I like a clean, sometimes we discover a favorite new technique and just go crazy with. You can stamp an image onto a sheet of paper and tear it out. The principals stay largely the same. To tear around a paper embellishment.


How to Tear Paper to Make Textured Edges for Crafts

Chances are that if you are right-handed, your right hand pulled the paper towards you; if you are left-handed your left hand did the same.Playing with these can help you control how your tear appears on the final project so you're more likely to get the results you're after.Whether you're rubber stamping, scrapbooking, making cards, or working with any other paper craft, a torn paper effect can add visual interest to your project.”