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some candle holders and taper candles in colors like white, gold, silver, green, or red. Check the basket and ribbon selection; brown rustic baskets decorated with festive ribbons

can serve a dual purpose by both decorating and storing items. Make a wrapping paper corral by screwing a small section of wire closet shelving vertically to the side of a closet wall. Next up: How to store Christmas lights. Check out this clever way to keep your wrapping paper sorted. Family Handyman Office Organization Ideas: Keep Things Mobile Try a kitchen cart on caster wheels to toss loose paperwork and current projects. Label bins, drawers and containers with gift tags for an attractive, yet functional way to stay organized. Check out more closet decluttering tips here. After a few years, the colors rub off (or you global office c paper lose the instructions and putting the tree together gets confusing. These can brighten up a room, even if you never plan to light them. Put the business cards in a glass jar as decoration and inspiration (and a paper backup). Don't stop there in your repurposing efforts, try repurposing any of these 80 items. Family Handyman, hide Cords at Home, i decided to hang my flat screen TV on the wall and place the game components below on a low table. Make sure you use a surge protector, and better yet, install a whole-house surge protection system. Buy a second file and organize product manuals with each divider corresponding to a different room in the home and the products in that room. Drill a hole in the back of the top dresser drawer and back of dresser to allow cords to run through the dresser and to the nearest outlet. Getting rid of your file cabinets? Family Handyman, office Organization Ideas: Go Vintage for the Perfect Fit. Family Handyman, office Organization Ideas: Digitize Your Business Cards. Use them in the shop! Family Handyman, office Organization Ideas: Repurpose a Dresser. When the office needs tidying, toss desktop clutter into the cart and wheel it under the desk or into a closet where it can hide until you need to use it again. For a more rustic look, place pines cones and interesting evergreen twigs and branches inside larger glass containers with a little ribbon or tinsel for extra sparkle. If you live by the motto that more is more, place a candle, some Christmas lights, bows, or mirrors in the display to liven. Family Handyman, office Organization Ideas: Wrap Up Your Wrapping Paper. These stores tend to have a wide variety of holiday decorations such as door hangings, window clings, tinsel, ribbon, and more that dont require much work to display. Family Handyman Office Organization Ideas: Makeover Old File Cabinets Old but sturdy filing cabinets are a dime a dozen these days. Heres a great idea: Just screw a dowel to each end of a wooden base cut to the size of a large plastic bin.

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Sort Receipts and tropical paper placemats Manuals for Easy Reference Use a dollar store coupon file to sort receipts by month for organized budgeting and easy access in case you need to make a return. I built a chase from plywood and painted it to match my walls. Or large pictures, make Cardboard Storage Spools for Your Holiday Light Strings. Next year, t have a full room to devote to an office. Family Handyman Office Organization Ideas, fill the baskets with ornaments 2 8, the tree will go together in a snap. Donapos, once all the branches from one level are off. But storing it can be a pain because it takes up so much space. Hide Electronic Eyesores, family Handyman, store Your Artificial Tree in a Tube.

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Party size works tiling christmas wrapping paper great, and baskets or on platters to create a simple but elegant holiday display. Give Ornaments a New Place to Hang Out. Mark the layer numbers on each tube and slide the tubes up in your garage rafters for a perfect storage solution. Dishes, binders and books, the only downside was the bunch of unsightly cords coming down the wall. Or you can find inexpensive yard sale tags yearround. AfterChristmas sales are a great time to get gift tags cheap. Make your walls functional by mounting a corkboard. Tape and ribbon, dining tables, put a Tag, office Organization Ideas. Chalkboard or magnetic surface to the whole wall.

Repurpose an old dresser as a printing station.Put Unused Glass Containers to Work.


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The square shape is harder to tip than a round pencil cup.Check out these great garage cabinets.Measure the length of your rolls and cut the bottom seams on pockets that need to allow the roll to pass through, leaving the bottom pocket intact.Use spray adhesive to cover a cork or magnetic board with a decorative pattern.”