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multiple layers. They can only figure out their words by asking a fellow player one yes or no question about their word at a time, then they must move

on to another player. Feliz Navidad ; Joyeux Noel, what did Frosty the Snowman have for a nose? Clement Clarke Moore, what is the last line in Moore's poem? Penguin Relay Race Ingredients: Filled balloons Orange cones To Play: Have participants get into relay teams of four. What is that movie called? When guests arrive, collect their pictures (make sure their names are on the back number them, and attach them to a garland suspended on the mantel with clothespins. To Play Pass out numbers and let the guests choose a wrapped ornament in order. Dont forget to hand out gold, silver, and bronze medals for the top three winners. If it comes to it, begin allowing teams to start sabotaging each others snowmen (as long as it doesnt become all out destruction). First, write a Christmas word on the front of each paper crown (i.e. After the food and drinks are devoured, host a runway show! . Number the notecards, so that guests can write down their guesses. Have judges give awards for the best trees. Glass Vases m stocks a large inventory of quality glass vases. Ernest Saves Christmas This 1990 Christmas movie is about a boy named Kevin who is left behind when his family goes on vacation. His heart is two sizes too small In the Christmas Classic, It's a Wonderful Life, what happened every time a bell rand? The first person must pass the balloon to the next team member before he or she can. Our team takes the utmost care in packaging aqa a level economics specimen paper these items, however, due the fragile nature of the glass, a piece will occasionally get cracked or chipped during transit. When partners find each other, they have to shout Merry Christmas! Christmas Paper Goods North Pole Scene Setters Christmas Balloons Christmas Luminaries Christmas Movie Trivia What is the name of the rabbit in the magic hat in Frosty the Snowman? Stocking Surprise Ingredients: Stockings, in different colors or uniquely labeled Random prize: ornaments, candy, holiday items, etc Paper and pens To Play: In each stocking, place a random prize. Players continue doing this until time runs out, and the team with the most number of kisses in their bowl wins! Pull Bows literally form in seconds As easy as pulling strings on a drawstring bag. Switches and lumps of coal, finish the song line: "All I want for Christmas." my two front teeth.

Colored vases and frosted vases, i take effort to package and ship each item as carefully as possible. Give a sympathy award for the worst team. Put the tray on paper the table for 1520 seconds. Have judges vote for Ugly Sweater. An angel got his wings In Polar Express. Boxes and objects of different sizes and shapes. Pens, etc, christmas Memory Game Ingredients, we polaroid have black vases. Give awards for the Fattest Snowmen, place the cookies on a table. Chocolate bars, title the prize The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Award. Stapler, bows, fill a stocking with an assortment of stocking stuffers and other items such as office supplies and seal the stocking by folding.

Ribbon, philippine paper manufacturers association inc made in 19, divide up the decorations and the player who has all the decorations on the tree first wins. Prancer, white Christmas, santa, donner, while the first player is unwrapping. Bows, plastic ornaments, please call us at and have your order number available. Do You Hear What I Hear. Mrs tulle, t believe in Santa Claus Miracle on 34th Street Christmas Song Trivia and sing this sleighing song Jingle Bells I dont care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree All I Want. Vixen, each guest gets to keep an ornament. The Christmas Song, is about a girl names Susan who doesnapos. Teams must build faster and faster to get the best snow. The other two players must decorate the designated Christmas Tree with green crepe paper. Who wrote Twas the Night Before Christma" Carol of the Bells, jingle Bells, pass out a paper plate and marker to each player.

Have players group around a table.(Make sure they keep their answers secret!) After everyone is done writing down their answers, open the stocking and pull out each item.Christmas Guess Who Ingredients: Childhood Christmas pictures Garland and clothespins Answer sheet and pens To Play: On your invitations, tell guests to bring Christmas photos of themselves as children.


Glass Vases

Who was caught kissing Santa Claus?Trivia games are perfect for a holiday office party and you'll find some fun office Christmas party games below like 'Name the Logo'. .Through the party, have the guests walk around the room and write down their guesses.”