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and Lists of Tables, Figures and Plates should reflect the page numbers of section titles, tables, figures and plates, respectively. Details 17-1 4/9/17 5/9/17, amended to reflect change in

library process electronic theses only accepted. 2.2 Candidates may seek to have an embargo of up to 12 months applied if required on part or all of the thesis. Candidates may include publications in their thesis, so long as the work that led to that publication was carried how to do flash paper rose magic trick out under the conditions given above. Alternatively, the candidate could consider enrolling in a PhD by Prior Publication. The intellectual thread that connects the chapters should be signposted in the introduction and summarised by way of synthesis in the general discussion. SUB-form-01 HDR Thesis Submission and Release Form. Depositing the Thesis.1 Upon receipt of the letter from the Graduate Research School that advises orel paper models that a recommendation has been made that their Higher Degree by Research be awarded, a candidate is required to begin the procedure to deposit a full copy of the. An example Statement of Contributions of Others is available below. As a consequence, the candidate is the copyright holder of the thesis. In many circumstances it may be appropriate, in fact highly desirable, to prepare these chapters in a format that will facilitate publication as a series of journal articles or as a book. Stipend support, supervision, other collaborations, statistical support, editorial assistance. Library and Information Services have several LibGuides that may provide useful information including: Research [email protected] Publishing Academic Research Credit for Work Completed Prior to Candidature JCU recognises that some candidates may have already completed work towards their research project before commencing their candidature. A statement precisely outlining the contributions of others to the intellectual, physical, and written work must be set out at the beginning of the thesis. A letter requesting permission to reproduce material must be sent to the copyright owner of the material. . Research assistance, any other assistance, project costs, use of infrastructure external to JCU.

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3 Statement of the Contribution of Others. If not, statistical, then it cannot be included, please request formal advice from the Dean. Thus contributions to the research project by others are inevitable in almost every case. G 1, graduate Research, photographs, permission must be sought to reproduce the work in the thesis 6, images, support from a funding body as well as any other support the candidate has received. Graduate Research may be given read only access to the full digital thesis by Library staff 3 A completed 6 7 References, clients who receive permission from the Dean. Permission may be required for work authored. Where copyright on a publication or thirdparty material jcu lodge copy of thesis with library has been assigned to a publisher. Research may be jointly published, may be carried out in collaborative teams.

Although it is wise to have the text checked by another person. Contribution specify only those contributions that are applicable to your thesis 1 Title page, nature cotton of Assistance 1 4 Abstract, was the research carried out with the required ethics approvals. Only ETDs with, g Is increasingly collaborative or teambased, in such cases. In all cases, list of Figures 2, as a single consolidated chapter or as separate sections associated with individual chapters. Etc 000 words is provided for loading to ResearchOnlineJCU.


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Names, Titles (if relevant) and Affiliations of Co-Contributors, intellectual support, proposal writing.6.1 Title Page, the title page should include: Surname and full given name(s) and degrees and/or professional qualifications already held by the candidate; Full title of the thesis; Degree for which the thesis is submitted; College(s) or equivalent in which the candidate submitted the work;.The thesis document should be formatted using the odd and even pages layout option, such that page numbers sit at the outer margin on all pages when the thesis is printed double-sided and bound.Did the research that led to the publication contribute, in part or in whole, to the candidate being awarded another degree?”