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PCC in a light weight coated (LWC) paper coating formulation. The stock is beaten to a medium degree and usually well sized to prevent penetration of moisture. Because

some paper products such as towels, sanitary tissues, and filter paper are subjected to wetting by coated water in their normal use, wet tensile testing has become important. The term brightness has come to mean the degree to which white or near-white papers and paperboard reflect the light of the blue end of the spectrum (.e., their reflectance). Supercalendered book is the smoothest surface that can be obtained without coating. Whether incorporated into the base sheet as virgin filler or through coated broke, PCC provides significant quality improvements to coated mechanical papers. The range in this property extends from very soft, flexible tissues to rigid boards. Book paper Most book papers are made of various combinations of chemical wood pulp; for lower-priced grades groundwood, semichemical, and de-inked wastepaper are also used. This reflectance is measured by an instrument that illuminates paper at an average angle of incidence of 45 and a wavelength of 457 (microns). Tensile strength is the greatest longitudinal stress a piece of paper can bear without tearing apart. The resistance of paper to the penetration of water can be increased by treatment of fibre with materials that lack affinity for water, with little effect upon sheet porosity, but the penetration of oil materials is little affected by such treatment. So-called greaseproof paper is made by beating an easily hydrated pulp to extremely low freeness, which results in a dense sheet with very little void space. In certain types of packaging, paper must resist grease and oil penetration. It is defined as the hydrostatic pressure (caused by liquids at rest) necessary to cause rupture in a circular area of a given diameter. Opacarb, pCC family sets the standard for aragonite shaped coating grade PCC in the world today. . Kraft wrapping Kraft wrapping, a heavy stock used for paper bags, is used in greater volume than all other wrapping papers combined. Magazines, paperbound books, catalogs, directories, and general commercial printing consume large quantities of these papers. Specialty Minerals Offers a Broad Range of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) Products.

Coated paper properties

Coated mechanical papers are made what from base sheets. The length of a paper strip in metres that would be just selfsupporting. Opacity, it is used for books, only.

Packaging, less transparent label, and for saturating has created a demand for maximum wettability and permeability toward water and other fluids. Greeting card, these grades are made from various paper combinations of chemical wood pulp. Krukote 76 Offset, various Grades for Printer and Publisher Needs. English finish is a step higher in the book paper scale. Paper properties coated and uses, and by calendering at a greater moisture content of the. Straw, krukote Offset, krukote HiBulk, in another direction the use of paper as an absorbent medium for wiping up liquids.

With a range of aragonite particle sizes and narrow particle size distributions, Opacarb, pCCs are tailor made to maximize light scatter and fiber coverage, which provides an optimal coating structure for porosity control and ink receptivity.Because of the soft, bulky texture of sanitary papers, they are relatively weak.


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Two different mechanisms lead to its high performance coating structure and optical efficiency.The density or specific gravity of paper is calculated from the basis weight and caliper and may vary over wide limits.(SMI) crystal-engineered precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) pigments can deliver these properties, which combine to control the surface and brightness of the coating layer including optical properties, smoothness, bulk, stiffness and printability.These sheets are then coated with various minerals and chemicals to form a smooth, bright surface that enhances ink holdout.”