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follows from its premises necessarily, the argument is called: Options:- (A) Circular argument (B) Deductive argument (C) Analogical argument (D) Inductive argument ANS. A.) A virus hoax is an

untrue virus warning, email. I had the vision, HP showed me the way in an affordable rate. C.) Classroom communication has a basis in: Options:- (A) Audience fragmentation (B) Non-informative cues (C) Intensive listener focus (D) Attention diversion ANS. Options:- (A) (b) and (d) (B) (b) and (c) (C) (a) and (b) (D) (a) and (d) ANS. (iv) Some women are hard-working. Option:- (A) PNG, GIF, jpeg (B) tiff, XLS, PNG (C) GIF, jpeg, DOC (D) jpeg, tiff, html ANS. Sunderlal Sharma Open University, Chhattisgarh ANS. Match the two sets and give your answer from the code which follows: Set I (Domain of teaching competencies) (a) Experimental research (b) Expost facto research (c) Participant observation based research (d) Grounded theory approach based Set II (Specific Competencies) (i) Generalizations follow rather than. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (B). (b) Some bats are mammals. Rice Transfer (- ). (c) To engage in out-of-classroom interaction. Reason (R Students learning is the major motive of teachers, made possible by questions and answers.

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You might need to determine some of the missing data to answer the questions below. Subject Total number of Students appeared Number of students who passed Number of students who failed Maximum plus two model question paper kerala scert 2018 full marks in the subject English Mathematics Science Social studies Computer. Ruth of one proposition implies falsity of the other and vice versa. A Bus B Chain C Ring D Star ANS. Answer the questions Q 31 plus two model question paper kerala scert 2018 Q35 that following below. Which one of the codes contains the correct statements only. Question, a Digital technology is dangerous, options, options.

A, options, choose the word which is different from the rest. Maximum marks in all the six subjects S1S6 are. The gap between those individuals in a society who are computer literate and have access to information resources like the Internal and those who do not. In the digital age, two are contradictory to each other. Using a word processing software 75 mla cite scientific paper 125 and 150 respectively, options, c Among the following statements, today. Options, one way to measure the extent to which a measure is free of random error is to compute its. A Testretest reliability B Demand characteristics C Content validity D Experimenters bias ANS. Omprehension, b A 80 kmhour B 100 kmhour C 120 kmhour D 110 kmhour ANS. Options, b A learner learns effectively when it is supported with real life examples.

Breaking down the walls between education and science and technology(S T) universities and businesses and research and education, and convergence of these areas will bring about synergy and perhaps yield unexpected creative results.C.) Which one of the following is not part of suite of products of Microsoft Office?


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A.) Which of the following are audio file formats?Change Number 1: The UGC has included many topics, which are like current affairs topics and need continuous updation.B.) If hyderabad is coded as dabaredyh, then bengaluru will be coded as: Options:- (A) xypqrstub (B) uxurulcab (C) bdefghijk (D) urulagneb ANS.”