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mortar bottlenecks and introduce a new generation of services and revenue opportunities. Our other products Discover our products Electronic Shelf Label G-Tag S Electronic Shelf Label S-Tag. The current

line-up has display sizes from 3 to 10 cm, giving customers a wide range of options to suit their needs. Bluetooth (BLE) based Electronic Shelf Label, QR code display module, Smart Label. Very low power consumption (while displaying data 1mW. With multiple stores across the region, the company wanted to harmonize their retail presentation and make sure that the product information displayed was always up to date, as well as gather feedback from the shop floor, learning how to better convert visitors into clients. NFC technology integrated, also available in E-Tag B 5 NFC (black and white pixel colors). Water resistant* and equipped with the patented Easylock fastening system, the current range is ideal for food retailers due to the variety of sizes available (between 3 and 10 cm). E-paper was chosen due to its readability (think Kindle with its clarity of printed word on paper ) and a battery e paper shelf label life that far surpasses that of LCD. The intelligence gather is used to customize the shopping experience, enhancing a customers interaction with a store. E-Tag B 10 only, sectors: Food / Consumer electronics / Cosmetics / Do it yourself / Drugstore / Gardening / Digital signage / Industrial. This not only reduces the personnel expense, but also ensures that the information available to the customer in a particular store is always in sync with the information provided e paper shelf label online, including different promotions, discounts and price reductions. Applications: Generate dynamic QR codes barcodes for digital payment gateways. Representing a key link in the future of the on-site retail chain are smart electronic shelf labels (ESL for short resolving traditional brick and mortar bottlenecks and ushering in a new generation of services and revenue opportunities. Flexible mounting options available, water-resistant, easylock (SES-imagotag patented technology benefits. Can operate using a battery or from 5V DC input (micro USB, adapter etc).

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The case for retailers lies in optimizing brick and dvm mortar point of sales with smart shelf labels. Telekom Slovenije, sharpest and having the most consistent colours available. Allowing for seamless online integration of all offline retailing processes. Last year, the smart shelf labels in TS retail outlets are integrated with an analytics tool. Realtime price adjustments and information that is always in sync. The worlds best Electronic Shelf Labels. When Panasonic introduced its version of the electronic shelf label. Converting visitors into clients, uSB also supported to send data from PCs Laptops.

Esl digital paper pricer tag demo epaper electronic shelf price l abel with wifi and software Showall science and technology, industry-leading retail.EllaRetail Shelf Labels (ESL) take the best qualities out of e-paper technology an d paper-like look.

Which uses electronic ink display technology epaper. Via an NFC chip embedded in each label. To coloured casings and shelf talkers. In a dynamic pricing process that takes with very little effort. Connected, paperlike readability, which were often hard to keep accurate across different locations. These replaced printed paper e paper shelf label slips with prices and descriptions of the different phones available. When you take into account that in the next five years offline sales are still projected to generate the bulk of consumer products companies revenue e paper shelf label 81 to be exact. NFC Near Field Communication superwide viewing angle near 180 support multiple pages with preloading fast page swithing.


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TS smart shelf labels, now implemented across all of their retail stores, give the company the ability to wirelessly update price tag and data sheet content from a central location, without the need to print or manually change the information.The way forward Examining TS success story, there is very little doubt that the future of offline retail lies in an omni-channel experience, with interconnected smart price shelves revitalizing stores and optimizing revenue per square foot by allowing for seamless online integration of all offline.Click Here, copyright 2018 - TronicsZone - All rights reserved.”