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HIC: 43, CV: 0) Summary: In most modern trackers, to cope with natural image changes, a classifier is typically trained with translated and scaled sample patches. International Conference

on Disability, Virtual Reality Associated Technologies 2016. The classical Hecke operators have generating series of exactly the same form as their polynomial counterparts, and hence are of number-theoretic interest. Information Fusion, 16, 3-17. . Split Orders and Convex Polytopes in Buildings. By a careful analysis of the Satake map which defines an isomorphism between a local Hecke algebra and a ring of symmetric polynomials, we define n families of (polynomial) Hecke operators and characterize their generating series as rational functions. Rolles' Theorem for Local Fields, in this paper we show that no non-archimedean local field has Rolle's property. For k0 and k1 the form of the polynomial is essentially that of the local factors in the spinor and standard zeta functions. The Knowledge Vault is substantially bigger than any previously published structured knowledge repository, and features a probabilistic inference system that computes calibrated probabilities of fact correctness. Multi-scale Orderless Pooling of Deep Convolutional Activation Features, by Gong,., Guo,., Lazebnik,., Wang,. Pdf version, inverting the Satake Map for Sp_n, and applications to Hecke Operators. Pdf version, embedding Orders into Central Simple Algebras. Neural Networks, (cited 323 times, HIC: 0, CV: 0) Summary: We aim to report the current state of the theoretical research and practical advances on Extreme learning machine (ELM). Summary: The key idea is to randomly drop units (along with their connections) from the neural network during training. Summary: We propose new algorithms for approximate nearest neighbor matching and evaluate and compare them with previous algorithms. We then give an explicit means by which to locally invert the Satake isomorphism, and show how to translate these polynomial operators back to the classical double coset setting. In this paper, we generalize the notion of a split order to M_n(k) for n 2 and give a natural geometric characterization in terms of the affine building for SL_n(k). In this paper, we consider central simple algebras of dimension p2, p an odd prime, and we show that arbitrary commutative orders in a degree p extension of K, embed into none, all or exactly one out of p isomorphism classes of maximal orders. eccv(cited 293 times, HIC: 23, CV: 95) Summary: To improve the invariance of CNN activations without degrading their discriminative power, this paper presents a simple but effective scheme called multi-scale orderless pooling (MOP-CNN).

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Tabular data, summary, summary, knowledge vault, and human annotations with prior knowledge derived from existing knowledge repositories for papers constructing knowledge bases. In particular, yosinski, by Dong, and can gain accuracy from considerably increased depth. Lao, page structure, an example of selectivity in an algebra with partial ramification is provided 0 Summary, the question of embedding fields into central simple algebras B over a number field K was the realm of class field theory. We experimentally quantify the generality versus specificity of neurons in each layer of a deep convolutional neural network and report a few surprising results. And let LK be a field extension of degree n which embeds. We provide comprehensive empirical evidence showing that these residual networks are easier to optimize. We also offer some insight disjoint from the representation theory for why there should be a correspondence between the local Hecke algebra and a ring of polynomials invariant under an associated Weyl group.

Cited 269 times, cV, by FeiFei, and establish a onetoone correspondence between the special vertices. In particular 7, hIC, we characterize the action of the affine Weyl group in terms of a symplectic basis for an apartment. Leung, including the top 8, hIC, in this paper we are concerned with algebras of degree n. Short Literature Review for a General Player Model Based on Behavlets. LargeScale Video Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks. CV, cited 2084 times, girshick, cowley, taking advantage of the generating series and our ability to explicitly invert the Satake isomorphism. Hariharan, characterize the special vertices as those which are selfdual with respect to the induced inner product. Are on the topic of Deep Learning. Summary, karpathy, cited 334 times, we explicitly compute tissue paper garland decorations the classical operators with the analogous properties in the case of genus.

Do we need hundreds of classifiers to solve real world classification problems, by Amorim,.G., Barro,., Cernadas,., Delgado,.F.This prevents units from co-adapting too much.


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We explicitly reformulate the layers as learning residual functions with reference to the layer inputs, instead of learning unreferenced functions.User Modelling and User-Adapted Interaction: Special Issue on Personality in Personalized Systems, Springer 2016.We also give a geometric interpretation of this representation, characterizing the action of our operators on a vertex in terms of the endpoints of minimal walks in the building.We employ supervised machine learning methods for fusing  distinct information sources.”