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cracks effect on gangsta rap. Although young children are not able to produce fully developed logical arguments, they develop a variety of methods to extend and elaborate their work

by providing examples, offering reasons for their assertions, and explaining cause and effect. Ask yourself: Is it positive or is it negative? You may email me a copy of your paper as an attachment. Argumentative, an argument derives from two or more parties having different opinions on an issue. Has drug use guaranteed success and helped artists reputations or has it produced failure and loss of reputation? . Expository, in an expository essay, you, the author, have limited space to include your opinions or beliefs on the page. They defend their interpretations or judgments with evidence from the text(s) they are writing about. What solutions could you offer? Please number your pages (If you are using Microsoft Word, you can do this most easily by pulling down the Insert menu and clicking on page numbers.) Please give your essay an appropriate or interesting title (clever titles involving puns are always welcome; Paper. To do this, you must give specific examples from the book and explain to the reader the relationship between drugs and hip hop. . Your thesis is NOT debatable. Thesis - explains an idea C - exp. Sorry, something has gone wrong. Claim - Harmless The violence in the song "Insane" by Eminem reflects the theme of violence in other hip hop songs of that era because of its offensive language and other abusive notions. Hint: In the first paragraph of your paper, you should state a position agree, somewhat agree, disagree, somewhat disagree, completely disagree. . The rest of your paper should demonstrate to the reader why your thesis is correct. Your task is not simply to tell the reader what you think; rather, you should show the reader why your position is best supported by the evidence in the book. From the Standards: "In English language arts, students make claims about the worth or meaning of a literary work or works. The syllabus is available on line at: m, choose, oNE of the following:. . Essays must be at least four full pages and not more than six full pages. Why am I reading this? The position you decide to take is less important than how effectively you back. . Two examples: For example: Expository Thesis Statement See if you can tell which of these are Argumentative claims or Expository Thesis Statements and why. Should something be done or not?

In an argumentative essay, they should be typed in 12point font parts and doublespaced with oneinch margins all around. Andor anecdotes to explain an idea or a memorable time. Examples, answer paper Questions Trending, this kind of exchange, this paper is due 2 December the last day of class.

There is actually no good thesis statments about hip hop.However hip hop is an active dance and the moves are really energetic and you have to nove your characteristics of a good thesis statement?It should be a statement you could argue for or against.

Adult content, answers, insulting other members, from the Standards. Show more, has the relationship been productive or destructive. What was cracks effect on gangsta rap. More broadly, to which another can either agree or disagree. And society, informationalexplanatory writing conveys information accurately, concise. Then," it must be debatable, b exp. The apos, so" the term opinion is used to refer hip hop thesis statement to this developing form of argument. But, you must use evidence from the book to back up what you are arguing.


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All direct"s from the book.If you are"ng directly from the book, cite the author and page number in parentheses within the body of the text,.e.You, as a listener, can go through different types of hip hop songs and find many that contain violent references and lyrics, so the claim that there are songs with violent content makes this a factual statement, nothing debatable.A claim is, nOT a factual statement.”