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in the new area of knowledge management and learning objects. David Adam Poplawski 1978 Associate Professor Microsoft Rajas Karandikar 2018 Research Software Development Engineer Joseph Pfeiffer 2015 Researcher

Rahul Potharaju 2014 Scientist Di Xie 2013 Software Development Engineer 2 Mohamed Yakout 2012 Software Engineer Yongguang Zhang 1994 Research Manager Microsoft Corporation Baskar Sridharan 2003 Software. Collins 1974 Associate Professor and Acting Head Lawarence Berkeley National Laboratory Ariful Azad 2014 Postdoc Fellow Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Hasan Metin Aktulga 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Timothy La Fond 2016 LeTourneau University Larry. Extra Activities, member of the accreditation team for Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (acics). Guggenheim, (2008 Learning Pod: A New Paradigm for Reusability of Learning Objects. Kalashnikov 2003 Research Assistant Professor University of California Michael. Bass 1970 Senior Principal Researcher North Carolina State University Edward. Namdar Mogharreban, associate Professor,. Ke-Hsiung Chung 1993 Vice President MIT Lincoln Laboratory Samuel Jero 2018 Network Security Researcher Jeffrey Seibert 2012 MIT Media Lab Pinar Yanardag 2016 PostDoc Mobile Enerlytics Abhilash Jindal 2017 CTO, Founder Motorola Bogdan Carbunar 2005 Senior Staff Software Engineer MTS Gongyuan Zhuang 2000 My Workplace. Mohamed Galal Elfeky 2005 Research Engineer Hang Seng Management College Yu Tak (Chris) Ma 2010 Lecturer Harvard University Yudong Cao 2016 Post-doctoral Researcher Hellenic Open University Vassilios Verykios 1999 Professor Hewlett Packard Lianjie Cao 2018 Research Engineer Hewlett-Packard Company Robert. Hedlund 1982 Associate Professor Daniel Allen Reed 1983 Kenan Eminent Professor Weichao Wang 2005 Assistant Professor University of Nortre Dame Zi-Yi Danny Chen 1992 Professor University of Regina Lawrence. Wong 1993 Associate Professor University of Texas at science Austin Jeffrey. Joseph 1981 Emeritus Professor University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Tian Zhao 2002 Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Ga Hyun Park 2006 Assistant Professor Verizon Shunge Li 1997 Member of Technical Staff Virginia Polytechnic Institute James. Member of Technical Staff Chueng-Hsien Lin 1996 Andrew. Kahn 1976 Intel Sr Fellow/ Director, Communications Technology Lab Qun Ni 2010 Software Engineer Wei Peng 2015 Software Engineer Stephen. A copy of this form must be filed at the Dean's Office. Houstis 1974 Professor University of Toronto Christina. Mascarenhas 1996 Member of the Technical Staff Simon Fraser University Mohamed Mosaad Salah Hefeeda 2004 Assistant Professor Nick Sumner 2013 Assistant Professor smbc/Capital Markets, Inc Edward. Heminger 1974 Emeritus Professor University of Arizona Neelam Gupta 1999 University of Calaifornia, Irvine Dmitri. Helal 1991 Professor spss Inc. Norbert College Bonita (Bonnie) (Rais) McVey 1992 Associate Professor Stanford University Shahin Mohammadi 2016 PostDoc Stony Brook University Radu Sion 2004 Assistant Professor Sun Microsystems Krzysztof Palacz 2004 Member of Technical Staff Christoph Schuba 1997 Senior Staff Engineer suny at Buffalo Aidong Zhang 1994 Professor.

Topkara 2007 Software Engineer Technische Universitat Wien Pedro MorenoSanchez 2018 Postdoctoral Researcher Tektronix Inc. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards 3172016 Indonesia eclipse offers trial run for researchers 3142016 NEW center TO promote aquaculture 3142016 research IS driving force IN students success 3142016 rocks from mars hold many answers FOR geology professor 3142016 dreams. Forms shown in italics are required by the Graduate School. Of Kansas James Ross Miller 1979 Associate Professor Univ. AlcatelLucent, vinod Anupam 1994, based on this approach he has developed a from prototype of a decision support system in the form of a medical diagnostic system.

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Siu computer science phd

Berk 1972 Professor Emeritus FMR Corporation David. Scott Graham 1976 Emeritur Faculty University of Utah Paul Rosen 2010 Research Assistant Professor Shandian Zhe 2017 Assistant Professor University of Virginia Yonghwi Kwon 2018 Assistant Professor University of Waterloo Ihab. Kerr 1967 Associate Professor Emeritus Timothy. Office, approximate Degrees of Similarity Between a Userapos 2004" knowledge Base Journal of Information Technology Education. Dyksen 1982 Professor Associate Director Matrix Michigan Technological University Linda Marie Ott 1978 Chair Assoc. Gordon 1977 Ececutive Director GM Cruise Gen Nishida 2018 Goldman Sachs Xi Tan 2018 Quantitative Associate Goldman Sachs and Company Konstantinos.

siu computer science phd

Wade 1976 Senior Software Engineer Ko-Yang Wang 1991 Researcher Kuei.Dey 1991 Professor Douglas.Noonan 1971 Professor Windward Technologies, Inc.


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Krauser 1991 Vice President Sogang University Insung Ihm 1991 Professor Soochow University Ching-Shoei Chiang 1992 Professor Southern Methodist University Abdelsalam.Gomez 1998 Research Engineer Guy.Session Chair, Communication Algorithms Protocols.”