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waits until she needs to go to the toilet and while there will eat a few sheets of toilet tissue in private. Pregnant women form a regular base

of clientele for Kithekas stones. 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. I thought about it for a while before I gave in and bought a box from my newsagency. Dr Peta Stapleton, a clinical health psychologist and assistant professor at Bond University, agrees that both nutrients and/or mental health reasons could be at play. Business has been good, he said. He says the stones are ready to be eaten and dont need to be washed because, having been extracted directly from the ground, they are clean as they have not been tampered with. Paper chase: Jade is just roll-ing with her habit (Image: Medavia). I have one roll in the bathroom for eating and one to be used normally.".

One suggested reason is that pica is a specific appetite caused by a mineral deficiency. Thank goodness the urges stopped as soon as I had my babies. Eating small amounts of things like paper or dirt isnapos.

Eating paper during pregnancy

He sells between 60 100 stones. The fact that I have regular customer base means the stones are good for the women. Paint, he says that statistics show that eight out of 10 page women will papers experience food cravings during pregnancy. I told them that I wanted to eat chalk and they just laughed.


Woman who can t stop eating toilet paper says I like to feel the

I overdosed on those sherbet fizz lollies, those multi-coloured ones that come in rolls.Kitheka wraps the stones in old newspapers when he makes a sale to a client.Despite giving birth to her son more than 15 months ago, Jade still cannot tear herself away from the paper snack whenever nature calls.Jade Sylvester, 25, developed a craving for clean toilet paper during a recent pregnancy and now eats as much as entire loo roll's worth every day.”