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could be met by conducting training (Unknown, 2007). These sources provide information for the yearly progress report as well as guide the program in the positive direction to help

kspg meet their goals and objectives. This ensures that all participants and stakeholders understand the project's structure and expected outcomes, and helps focus on the projects most important elements. Here are some sample topic sentences, which would be elaborated on with examples: Mrs. Another role of needs assessment is to measure the short-term and the long-term needs of the program. For example, if your program was supposed to enroll 800 people in a job-training program and have 85 of them employed three months later, look at records of enrollment, interviews and employment to see if these numbers were met. Program planning is an organized process developed and meant to address and facilitate change for identified social problems and social issues through a set of coordinated activities or interventions. According to kspg the program began as a planning group and has developed into in a group program (2008). The main focus was the change in behavior outside of the program and also the effectiveness of the program and testimonies for future participants. A program evaluation is related to a human service organization by assessing and enhancing all elements and phases of the planning process relative to social programming. This will allow you to see if you overlooked any important areas and to share your views on the program. In developing an evaluation design, you should first determine who will be studied and when, and then select a methodological approach and data collection instruments. The quantitative aspect of evaluation is included in the progress report by comparing the suicide rate from the previous year to the current year. Create evaluation questions and define measurable outcomes. During the planning process a needs assessment was performed at the beginning phase and was included in the evaluation plan. Peace is wholeheartedly committed to the reduction of instances for sexual and domestic assault violence through education and challenge societal beliefs that preserve and keep violence alive in the community. According to Yuen Terao, Once the program interventions are implemented, the performance and the attainment of intended objectives are then evaluated. If one is required, it will generally be listed in the program announcement. Program planning and program evaluation are continuously evolving and moving in a spiral fashion as the products of social, economic, and political realities. A successful evaluation both highlights the most useful information about the projects objectives and addresses its shortcomings.

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This type of evaluation is designed to emphasize the how stated goals and objectives which in this case is to advocate for suicide prevention efforts. Identifying needs assessment in the beginning phases of program development will help kspg maintain their goals and objective through assessments and analysis. Also Kentucky Suicide Prevention Group used evaluation design to conduct beginning phase of program planning. Evaluations also help define the past performance of the organization and the future programs of the organization. How, study the formative aspects of the program by finding out if your program did what it was supposed. And gather all necessary data, methods of improvement, and it was clear that they enjoyed her lesson. She may want to keep a closer watch on the clock and limit the amount of class discussion in order to move on to the next section of the lesson. This was performed so kspg can get enough data and to measure the needs as well as the feasibility of the program.

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Logical, the specific problems that are needing addressed may range from children getting abused by a parent or relativeguardian or a spousesignificant other being physically abusive to the other is the purpose for such things as interventions and where program planning and evaluations. Using experimental and descriptive research methods assist in identifying organizational needs and the use of how to write a program evaluation paper technology in human service organizations is equally important by turning the organizations inputs into viable outputs. Other expectations of the Kentucky Suicide Prevention program evaluation model are awareness and prevention and improvements in the programs daytoday activity as well as staff.

The role of needs assessments makes the program measurable and fundable.(2008) Kentucky Suicide Prevention Group Progress.


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Descriptive research provides a description of an observable fact or event or the relationships between two or more observable facts or events.The completed needs assessment allowed for kspg to be more effective in utilizing resources.Ruiz did not pace her lesson as well as possible and many students ran out of time to finish their in-class work, making many grumbles as they left that they would have too much to do as homework.”