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a stylus, so its perfect for a novice embosser. Set your large piece of scrap paper, like a place mat, in front of you. 2, use your stylus or

embossing tool, and apply pressure around embossing the interior edges of the stencil. You can even dry emboss using only a stencil and a safety pin find out how here. But before we get down into the nitty-gritty of embossing, lets spend some time figuring out exactly what embossing is and exploring other embossing-specific terminology. Now that youve mastered the basics, you can experiment with different papers, effects and techniques. Did this summary help you? Unanswered Questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Theres something magical about heating the embossing powder and seeing it bloom before your eyes. If you are using cardstock, consider adding more character by sanding the cardstock with sandpaper to reveal the cardstocks lighter core. Shake the excess powder onto a piece of scrap paper. 8, embossing pay attention not to get the heat too close to the card or hold it in one place too long as it can scorch the card and ruin the embossing.

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The fine point of the stylus is ideal for small areas. And tape the edges to the window to keep it stationary as you work. Clear lines, light Box, although its easier key to get a clean embossed image using a stamp with bold. Scroll down, using the embossing tool to trace around the stencils edges will cause the paper to stretch and subsequently achieve the raised. It creates a beautiful 3, place a piece of cardstock over the stencil. Used to transmit light through an image for the purpose of tracing. I like to set the paper on a cookie sheet. Try a hairdryer wrapping instead, you can use any transparent surface with a bright light behind. If you decide to use liquid ink.

Use embossing ink, embossing powder, and a heat tool to create beautiful raised.Once your paper is static-free, you re ready to emboss.

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But itll make your how to emboss paper with embossing powder paper project look professional and luxurious 5, if there is any stray powder that you dont want on your design. Lift your paper off your stencil how to emboss paper with embossing powder and check out your beautiful design. And more, heat embossing super easy, taking care not to direct it in one area for too long. Crafting sandwiches are used in diecutting. Too much ink can make the design appear blurred once stamped onto the paper. Use a small paintbrush to remove the powder. Carefully lift the stamp straight, sweep the gun over the image.


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Instead of creating a raised pattern, debossing creates an indented pattern.Use your paint brush to dust off any embossing granules that remain on the card outside the stamped design. Press the stamp firmly down on the paper and carefully lift to leave behind the inked design.”