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Law student you will be given the opportunity to take part in mooting and client interviewing competitions. The Fundamental Rights and Equality Group (freg) comprises academics, doctoral researchers

and honorary fellows working within the fields of human rights, equality, migration and law and religion. Civil liberties and human rights is concerned with the protection offered by legal, political and administrative means to the liberties of the individual prior to and within the context of the Human Rights Act 1998, with particular focus on freedom of expression, police powers, and. The philosophy underlying the course is the importance of studying EU law in its wider political and socio-economic context. Funding is available through the Erasmus scheme, and also via some international programmes such as the Santander Student Awards. Full reading lists for all Law modules, along with links to book costings can be found in the library portal. Criminal Justice or, commercial Law and are aimed at enhancing your career prospects in those fields. Free language courses for students - the Open Module Free language courses are available to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students on many of our courses, and can be taken as a credit on some courses. Practical skills, in recognition of the professional nature of the course, our GDL places special emphasis on helping you to gain the legal skills you need to acquire to be a successful lawyer. Additionally, you can take part in mooting competitions, client interviewing competitions, Law Society events, and other extracurricular activities. In a wide range of circumstances religious activity and commercial activity may overlap, leading to what Edge has called commercial religion. International Law research group cyrus khambatta phd provides a focal point for those with interests in public international law, and has particular expertise in the law, policy and theory of trade, investment, environment and non-state actors. Client interviewing allows you to develop the skills needed when conducting a legal interview, such as how to establish a relationship with the client, how to identify the nature of the legal problem and then how to obtain the relevant information from the client. The group has particular specialist expertise in Crown Dependency and British Overseas Territory Public Law, Manx Public Law and Constitutional Law, Caribbean Constitutional Law, and Caribbean Property Law. The aim of the competition is to promote the development of lawyers soft skills and to enable law students to practise them at a high level. Specialist facilities, the Oxford Brookes' Law school has its own in-house moot court, facilitating a realistic and professional context within which students can develop their advocacy skills in front of legal professionals. . It begins with the development of equity and equitable remedies, before beginning the engagement with trusts. Year 1, compulsory modules, foundational Legal Skills. The course focuses upon a consideration of the general principles of criminal law, such as actus reus and mens rea, and various legal defences. This placement module is designed to enhance your practical legal knowledge and wider transferable skills. The group provides a leading research forum in areas related to fundamental rights and equality. Independent Study or, dissertation modules.

What you can expect from blank staff paper doc the research degree programmes. Students select a topic of their choice from financial statement analysis paper individual assignment areas such as employment law. And then goes on to examine interests in land such as easements. And looks in outline at the law of leases. It considers adverse possession and coownership. Financial regulations, as well as legal research skills. Easements and profits, leases, the course concludes with an examination of the impact of the Human Rights Act on property law.

The School of Law also enters teams into the National Client Interviewing Competition of England and Wales. Teaching and learning, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in law will prepare you for a broad range of commercial and public sector careers as well as providing a firm grounding for a career in academia. And 2015, the Inner Temple InterVarsity Mooting Competition twice. And the Oxford InterVarsity Mooting Competition twice. GDL students have also finished third in the National Final in 2009. And they were finalists in, practitioners and policy chinese makers to debate emerging free research challenges. As a logic of law, to investigate legal texts and practices.

You will tackle case studies and learn the process of legal reasoning, as well as the role of law in society through.Students wishing to be involved in pro bono work can do so through our established pro bono scheme, winner of the Solicitors Pro Bono group national award.


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Legal Method, contract Law (double honours public Law (double honours tort (double honours) Years 2 and 3 *indicates an alternative compulsory module Advanced Legal Research * Commercial Law Communication Skills for Lawyers Company Law Computer Law and Intellectual Property Crime and Society Criminal Evidence Criminal.The intensity of the induction course develops a strong sense of community among students.In 2010 Oxford Brookes GDL students won the National Final and took second place in the International Client Counselling Competition.”