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24th October (b) 22nd December (c) 24th December (d) 20th March.6 Who among the following won the Dadasaheb Phalke award in 2011? If any state do not have any

Sainik School, then work is under progress means Sainik School is Under Construction. (a) Croatia (b) Slovakia (c) Czech Republic (d).Y.R.O.M. (a) Ranveer Kapoor (b) Girish Kulkarni (c) Salman Khan (d) Shahrukh Khan.18 Who won the Miss India Earth Title in Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012? Sainik School Previous Year Papers For Class 6: Download Sainik School Entrance Exam Previous Year Papers from these links. Naipaul (c) Salman Rushdie (d) Pt Ravishankar.5 Which of the following is observed as National Consumer Day in India? Sainik school conducts entrance exam for giving admissions into their school. (1) 133 (2) 130 (3) 131 (4) 132. Vikram Sarabhai.29 NTC is the abbreviation of which organization in India (a) National Tea Company (b) National Tea Corporation (c) National Textile Corporation (d) National Tobacco Company.30 Which is the deepest lake of the world? There are few eligibility requirements based on the class. (a) 60 days (b) 90 days (c) 50 days (d) 100 days.9 Hydrogen Bomb international trade law research paper is based on: (a) Nuclear Fusion (b) Nuclear Fission (c) Atomic Energy (d) Fission Fusion.10 Monopoly is a form of market where there is (a) Small number of markets. Q.5 (a) Trample (b) Tuberculosis (c) Trenquilizer (d) Transcend, directions (Q.1-5) Choose the word which is least like the other words in the group. List of Sainik Schools has already provided by our team on Home Page. Download Sainik School Previous Year Question Papers: As we know, Sainik Schools Society conduct the. Students can follow the below links to download previous year question papers and check them to complete their preparation for this entrance test. (a) Ammonia (b) Methane (c) Carbon Monoxide (d) Xenon.46 Primary gold is a gold of (a) 22 carat (b) 24carat (c) 18 carat (d) None of these.47 Who announced the Industrial Policy of 1956? Seats are reserved for children of Defence workers. (a) Discount Rate (b) Open Market Operations (c) Balance Accounts (d) Reserve Requirements.27 Federal Reserve Board of Governors members are appointed by the _ and confirmed by the. Seats are reserved in various terms and only eligible aspirants can take admission in these Sainik School. (a) Saif Ali Khan (b) Akshay Kumar (c) Shahrukh Khan (d) Sachin Tendulkar.26 Which of these is NOT a monetary policy tool? The Sainik schools aim to provide the country as generating young talents, grooming them in assorted areas. Complete Details, if you have any query about. (a) Right to life (b) Right to equality (c) Right to freedom (d) Right to property.8 If we exclude the day of Journey, then how many days in advance tickets may be reserved on regular trains? Q.4 (a) Arc (b) Diagonal (c) Radius (d) Circle,.5 (a) Furniture (b) Table (c) Chair (d) Bed Directions (1-4 In each of the following questions, select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives. (a) Soumitra Chatterjee (b) Manoj Kumar (c) Manna Dey (d) Shyam Benegal.7 Which Constitutional right is not a fundamental right? (a) Five month (b) Four month (c) Three month (d) Six month Answers:-.(c).(c).(b).(b) 5(c).(a).(d).(b).(a).(c).(b).(b).(d).(d).(a).(b).(b).(c).(b).(c).(d).(a).(a).(d).(c).(c).(a).(b).(c).(b).(c).(c). All India Sainik Schools Entrance Exam every year. Sainik School Previous Year Papers, Solved Papers, Model Question Papers: All India Sainik Schools Entrance Exam (aissee) Previous Year Question papers PDF available here.

A TCS how b Wipro c army Mahindra Satyam d HCL. Kurup, a Agassit b Janseen c Joseph Aspdin d Ibertus Magnus. Which one of the following statements is wrong.

For more details sainik school entrance exam question paper about eligibility you can visit their official website 13 has the most favorable sex ratio. Almost each state have one Sainik School. Congress c Federal Reserve Presidents 48 Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by a Contour Ploughing b Strip Cropping sainik school entrance exam question paper c Terrace Cultivation d Aforestation 50 What is the maximum life of an ordinance promulgated by the president.


Sainik School Entrance Exam, previous Year

Mostly exam conducted in month of January and mode of examination is written.Candidates who will qualify this entrance exam able to take the admission in various Sainik Schools.The application form for the exam is available in the month of October in their official website and in the school.Download the, sainik School Entrance Exam Class 6 Previous Year Papers and, sainik School Entrance Exam Class 9 Old Question Papers in PDF format.”