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veneer and it worked great. Rockler Store Is it safe to use gummed veneer tape on the back side of paper back veneer? February 18, 2018, maher H, purchased

8 months ago, woodworking Experience: Advanced. Perforated tapes are used specially for the application between veneer and carrier material. For this reason, I use it on the back of the veneer, not the face, May 5, 2015 peeplwtchr Woodworking Experience: Intermediate I really like this multi-hole veneer. The contrast of white tape on a brown veneer is an excellent visual indicator of any tape remaining on the surface that needs to be sanded off. Four Hole Veneer Tape This extra-wide veneer tape is perfect for large veneer projects where the ultimate holding strength is required to keep the joint tight. I tried Denatured alcohol, it doesn't remove the residue. Though it is uncommon, lightened areas can occur when veneer tape is removed. Vote for the best answer above! When you are finished with the veneer tape, you can prevent it from unrolling from the spool by lightly dampening the loose end and sticking it back onto the roll. RobertEnter an answer to this question. Includes a 650 foot long roll of white 34 gram cellulose tape that measures 3/4" wide. This shrinking action helps to hold the seam together while in the press. No Hole Veneer Tape, this is a full strength tape for stubborn veneers. Tips from Joe You can prevent the veneer tape from leaving residue on the finished panel by dabbing the tape with a wet paper towel. One is by wetting the tape and gently scraping paper it off. With method one u still have to sand so why not just do that. Bob Morgan please note the gummed tape veneer should be glued to a substrate before you try to remove with damp sponge or cloth. Acid-Free, non-Staining, very Fast Tacking and Drying, vegetable-Based Adhesive. 20 mm (3/4 inch) wide. After taking a class and really learning how, I now know that this tape doesn't have any stretch, which is necessary for a tight seam. I highly recommend it for maple, karelian birch and bubinga. White, unperforated, code 303047, price.95. Veneer Tape unperforated, standard use, if paper is removed after veneering. Home, construction Decoration, plywood, veneer Tape 2018 Product List, sponsored. Has anyone used the veneer tape on teak? Brown vs White Veneer Tape, white tape may be a better choice on veneers that have a brown color. The beauty of this water-activated veneer tape is that it shrinks as it dries. Best answer: Dear Leroy, Ive used veneer tape with Teak veneer and it held well enough to put the pieces in the vacuum press or if you were going to clamp the work. The gumming is free of grease and acids, avoiding therefore spotformation and discolouration. Thank you, Alan Alan K on Jul 3, 2017 what is the best way to remove this after it dries? It left no residue.

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Gentle sanding removed it how to prepare for starting a phd with no issue and it seamlessly joined the veneer pieces. Three Hole Veneer Tape Ideal for standard veneer joints where it is important to see the seam line under the tape. Ive used veneer tape with Teak veneer and it held well enough to put the pieces in the vacuum press or if you were going to clamp the work.

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This can be prevented by covering the roll veneered panel with a blanket or piece of cardboard until the veneer tape is removed. Learn More Do not include html 2015 Vote for the best answer above. It is this shrinking action that pulls the veneers together and makes a wellcut joint almost invisible.

I love Rockler and thrilled they have opened a location close.This is a must have item if you have purchased a veneer saw and are bookmatching, quad-matching or inlaying raw wood veneer.


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Just moisten slightly with a damp rag and it will adhere with good strength and dry almost immediately.Richard B, purchased 1 year ago, woodworking Experience: Advanced Great veneer tape I've used several types of veneer tape and this stuff is the best.Browse 5 questions Browse 5 questions and 17 answers Sort by Most CommonSort by Most AnswersSort by Fewest AnswersSort by Most Recent QuestionSort by Oldest Question Why did you choose this?Likewise, the brown tape may be a better option on lighter color veneers like birch, maple, fir, tamo ash and white oak.”