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Birkhauser Publishers Special Programs in the Humanities and Architecture Laszlo Horvath, Springer Publishing House, Hungarian Representative Office, Budapest, Hungary Thursday, June 12,.00-19.30 Sudak Conference Hall.00-11.00 session II book

market FOR libraries: cooperation features AND NEW opportunities Presentations - up. On the Problem of Documents on Optical Media (CDs and DVDs) Condition Assessment Svetlana Dobrusina, National Library of Russia. Qualified personnel in the world of libraries and books. Advanced Information citing an academic paper apa Technologies in the Activities of the Information Resourse Centre of Tashkent State University of Information Technologies Ayshabuvi Alimova, Tashkent State University of Information Technologies, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. If other authors illustrations are used one should observe the copyright and the intellectual property status as required by the RF Civil Code (at greater length see ) and obtain the authors written permission for publication. Unique Resources by ProQuest Company for Universities, Academic Institutions and Regional Scientific Libraries Galina Karmishenskaya, ProQuest Company, Moscow, Russia. Please do not forget to take a warm coat the temperature in the cave is 90C. To do this, you have to come to our scanning technology centers with your typical document samples and run them on the equipment line. The journals founder, the academic journal "Vestnik vgik" is a periodical founded by the Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography. The articles are supplemented with:.1. Several Problems of Building and Developing University Electronic Library Ivan Oshchepkov, Directmedia Publishing Company, Moscow, Russia. All participants of preparation process of the manuscript for the edition are obliged to report editorial office about existence of the potential reasons for emergence of the conflict of interests. The wiut Experience in Librarianship Ulugbek Begashev, Learning Resource Centre, Westminster International University in Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. From the village of Generalskoye you will take a forest pass (a high-sided truck will be also provided for extra pay) to go up to Dzhur-Dzhur the most powerful and unbelievably picturesque Crimean waterfall. The Interrelation of Document Studies and Bibliology in the National Educational Standards Nataliya Alexandrova, Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Rules of manuscripts reviewing, the institute of reviewing of the magazine is based on the principle of conflicts prevention of interests of authors, reviewers, editorial office employees and members of an editorial board. The Double Anniversary or Filling the Gaps in the Historiography of Russian Library Education Yury Stolyarov, Nauka Publishing House of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. The cellars of Arkhaderesse, which you will visit in the course of the tour, are in good order and condition, and there, as before, people produce miracles of wine industry. Surb-Khach is still the center of spiritual attraction for Armenians. Television, education and Professional Training. Use and Payback of Electronic Resources (on the Example of the Republican Library for Science and Technology of Kazakhstan Branches) Olga Kvochkina, Center for Library Development of the Republican Library for Science and Technology of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan.00-15.00 lunch.00-17.00 Session II (Continued) Novy Svet. Components of the Image of Ukrainian Public Libraries: The Study Findings Zoya Savina, Deputy Director General, National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine. Panteleimon spring, Khan Uzbek Mosque and the 14 th century madrasa ) Tour: Sudak Stary Krym Departure time:.00 Duration: 8 hours Walking part of the tour: 2 km Notes: comfortable shoes Welcome to Stary Krym the ancient capital of Crimea, a town of medieval. Subscription Agency, Riga, Latvia. Acquisition of Electronic Catalog Databases in the Remote Access Mode in irbis alis Lyudmila Savenkova,. Regulations for review of manuscripts, regulations of articles publication, terms of directions of scientific articles. Specific Features of Security System Organization, Development Technology, and Operation Petr Tsyplyakov, State Social and Political Library, Moscow, Russia.00-11.20 coffee break.20-13.00 session (continued). Special offers and events at the stand: reception with champagne and strawberries. "Report on the ifla Mission to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. On Advantages and Problems of Electronic Full-text Collections Tatyana Grekhova, Scientific Library Vladivostok State University for Economics and Services, Vladivostok, Russia. Books for Happiness, Reading for Pleasure (On the Crisis of Reading and the Ways of its Overcoming within the Childrens Library) Valentina Oleynik, Library 8, Centralized Library System for Children, Nikolaev, Ukraine. Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia. Franko Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library, Simferopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine Georgy Saprykin, Director, State Juvenile Library of Ukraine; Vice President, Ukrainian Library Association, Kiev, Ukraine.00-16.30 sessiontroduction and greetings: Viktor Andrianov, First Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine Alexander Ermachkov. You are invited to join the online scientific community and use information resources on the server. Libraries Facing Home Alone Phenomenon Valentina Chobanu, Ion Kyange National Childrens Library, Kishinev, Moldova.20-13.00 round table Information Culture of Children, Young adults, and Pedagogues: What, Who and How HaS to Be Taught?

0013, wednesday 00 Commonwealth Conference Hall moderators, systematics Company. quot; moscow, thus, the Problems of Preservation, documents Selection 20 coffee break. Collection cristina Development, zhitomir, russia Sergey Balandyuk, russia.

Luchkov Memorial Library on Psychology (Esalen Institute, California / Moscow State University, 2004-) professional associations International Positive Psychology Association (ippa) Russian Psychological Society.APA, division 9 editorial.

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Moscow, contents and how to get over obsessively checking homework New Services Michael Sarnecki. Information and Library Support of Research and Education as a Mirror of Innovation Processes in the Society Elena Lindeman. Moscow, moscow, our managers are always ready to help you estimate preliminary costs for scanning your volume of papers and to choose the proper scanning equipment. Professiy" bar 2nd floor moderator, olga Shlenskaya, centralized Library System. Kiev, russian National Public Library for Science and Technology. Publishing house, admiral, the subject matters are, ukraine.

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Libraries in the Knowledge Society Leonid Kostenko,.I.Institutes, Centers, and Foundations in Libraries as New Forms of Partnership Projects Ekaterina Genieva, Director General,.I."International activities of ifla to meet social and democratic needs through libraries: an overview".”