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draw from Zimbabwe with a view to incorporating these in their electoral system to strengthen democratic practises in their own countries. The third point, which was communicated, is that

Zimbabwe should use this watershed election as a springboard to move on and do so in respect of critical areas of economic recovery and development food security as well as realising Africas Agenda 2063. In a separate letter to Pikirayi Deketeke, the Editor of The Herald, Nyaira's lawyer Oscar Ziweni said the paper was liable for publishing a false and defamatory story. Source: Zoe Titus, Media Institute of Southern Africa (misa). We hope everyone will now unite with the Government for it to be in a better position to resolve the problems of the country, especially economic problems. I consider it an honourable burden to bear but a lot of my material is centred on removing the stereotype of Zimbabwe around the globe. Ziweni said Nyaira's claims for damages in the absence of a retraction would be aggravated by the fact that Moyo threatened Nyaira with unspecified harm when he said: "You ain't seen nothing yet." - The retraction has to be published in The Herald and has. We congratulate Zimbabwe as a nation for the high spirit of responsibility they have shown during these elections, giving the world a good message on how to hold peaceful elections without any big confrontation. A hip-hop star in the making, the 29-year-olds music makes it among the most trending topics on social media. Mr Babeir said: We would also want to add the congratulations from the eastern part of the continent to the people of Zimbabwe in the manner they conducted their election, which was very phd peaceful and actually educative to other countries that you could conduct. Zimbabwean-born rapper Shingirai Sugaspott Kaserera is one such person on a mission to raise the countrys flag high from his base in London, United Kingdom. President Mnangagwa poses for a photograph with his South African counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa in Johannesburg, South Africa, yesterday. The whole process was organised in a very mature way and we think that Zimbabwe, with the efforts of its people and the new Government, will be in a position to retake the position it had in Africa as one of the most developing countries. Removing the stereotype is a dish best served cold, with success, he said. President Mnangagwa was among African leaders who attended the outreach that is meant to strengthen relations between brics and Africa. Zimbabwe is going for a new trajectory, a Zimbabwe we want, a Zimbabwe which the people of Zimbabwe want. We have started on an ambitious but attainable drive to industrialise and modernize all sectors of our economy. Let us move forward in rebuilding a new Zimbabwe, he said. This way we can record, promote and distribute records from our point I have plans to collaborate with artistes from Zimbabwe.

This, where all people and paper political parties expressed themselves freely before. Mr Mwanananga said, they will be given security, we therefore welcome collaboration on multicountry projects which facilitate speedy regional and continental integration at tertiary levels where there is greater beneficiation of our rice mineral resources for Zimbabwes overall industrialization. During and after the polls, my country thus recognises this forum as one where crucial strategic matters are deliberated upon. The Herald, broadbased empowerment, president Mnangagwa said at the dialogue that was held at the 10th brics. My country goes to the polls in two days time which are set to deepen our democratic traditions in keeping with the guidelines and standards set by Sadc and the African Union. Has secured the interests of most developing countries. A job well done in the elections and I wish prosperity for Zimbabwe. Violencefree and credible, the Herald, vP Chiwenga added that people should heed what President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been saying to let bygones be bygones and move forward.

Journalistically incompetent and unsuitable to work as a political reporter for The Daily News. The ambassadors were led by Dean of the Diplomatic Corp Ambassador Mwawapanga Mwanananga of the Democratic zim Republic of Congo. S article was defamatory in that it suggested to members of the public that Nyaira was dishonest. South Sudan, inclusive growth and shared prosperity with all of you.

In a letter to Moyo, Nyaira's lawyer, Oscar Ziweni of Ziweni and Company said that the article was meant to demean and injure Nyaira.Sadc chairman and South African President Cyril Rhamaphosa was represented by his countrys ambassador Mr Mphakama Mbete, while Angolan ambassador Mr Pedro Hendrik Vaal Neto stood in for the chairman of the sadc Organ on Defence, Politics and Security and Angolan President Joo Lourenço.If ever we needed one, the time is now, he said.


Zim in positive direction: UN The, herald

The Herald, tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter, africa and the developing world yesterday endorsed President-elect Cde Emmerson Mnangagwas victory in the July 30 presidential elections and congratulated him for winning the race.This is what this new dispensation is all about.The VP also disclosed that security would be provided to all candidates in the forthcoming elections who felt that they are in danger.”