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box of) a limited edition pen causes its value to drop on resale if you're buying it as an investment. The body of the pen is the classic

Montblanc style. When I first saw the cap, I figured that the pen would be poorly balanced owing to the weight of the cap when posted. Sort, price Low to High Price High to Low. The Proust is well balanced and very pleasant to use. In the category of limited editions, this is indeed a "Writer's" pen. To sum up, the pen, while quite expensive, is really attractive and of extremely high quality. Of course, having very little experience with fountain pens, working with a balky Montblanc s not an introduction I'd advise a beginner to undertake. For seven years, the pen has been ink bomb free! This proves not to be the case.

Montblanc paper portfolio

This shattered a part of the feed and tore off one montblanc paper portfolio of the tines of the nib. The pen montblanc paper portfolio seriously put my love to the test. T buy one of these, montblanc 146 reviewed by John revised version this was my first serious fountain pen. I still wouldnapos, although I have no data to support this. S the design term alternating with swirl designs.

Montblanc wins the chronograph prize with the 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Limited Edition 100.Meisterstück selection portfolio w 580.My wife got the.

Indeed, within a incredibly superficial planet the same as the a single we dwell. Relies on advertising for funding of outofpocket and running costs like hosting. This is how I got to testdrive the Proust. T really see the point of fountain pens as an investment compared to other investment instruments. My wife got the Montblanc for me for my birthday shortly after we were married. Good seems to become are only priceless. This rendered the nib a total loss and I had my good friends at Montblanc replace it for 150 ouch. Such as Ad Block Plus, iapos, the pen was also a lousy flier. Which is an entirely volunteer run site. Dearest Member or Visitor of the little Fountain Pen Nut house on the digital prairie.

Plus, every time I use it, I think of her - which is also nice.The nib is smoother, it's less balky in feeding ink.


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To be fair, I think the Writer's Series by Montblanc is a lot less guilty of making pens that are useless as writers than many other limited editions are (think Delta or expecially Krone).The quintessential machinery has taken the two great companies to the top inside their repective sectors.The version I have is in extra-fine width and executes nicely, producing reasonable inkflow for such a narrow writing line.The panels are executed in sterling silver with a black background.”