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of then has spoken publicly, though many are reportedly furious. Why do you think she did that? Forgive the raw and unedited nature of this post, and that

its a few weeks late, but Im still on tour for my new book Assholes Finish First. Each man was graded on attractiveness, physical details, talents and performance with extra points awarded for creativity and aggressiveness. Shes a cute girl, but not smoking hot, the type that youll fuck if its available and easy, but wont really put work into. Pour beer down her throat for two hours, her legs open, shoot your load, and move. You know what would happen? So before you say anything about hergood or badremember that you are evaluating a person based on their private diary that was published without permission. Millions of people now know far more than they could ever want about the 22-year-old and her sexual partners. There is no double standard in how shes being treated: The entire idea that shes being criticized because of a double standard is complete bullshit. 'And then did you ever feel your smile plummet to the floor, and had research to force ever fibre of your being to appear excited?'. Ironically, given the internets role in his humiliation, the student left a suicide note in the form of an update to his Facebook page: Jumping off the gw bridge sorry, it read. I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned, she said. Ill tell you why: She did not do this on purpose, and she is freaking the fuck out over the reaction. Im 35 and Im only barely beginning to get. I know too well the reality of the situation, because Ive been the guy the guy that the Karen Owen type goes after many times. As for Owen herself, she has gone to ground, surfacing only to tell womens website Jezebel that it had just been a joke. Exactly what happened to Karen Owens. Each man was graded on attractiveness, physical details, talents and performance with extra points awarded for creativity and aggressiveness (a good thing, apparently). Racy: Miss Owen's official f* list, which rated 13 athletes at Duke University for their sexual prowess. Ive had a ton of bullshit forwarded to me, but in the eight years my website has been up, there are two things that have been sent to me more than anything else: Maddoxs original I am better than your kids post, and Karen Owens. Calling her empowered is an embarrassing disservice to women who really are empowered. Not since Barbie Cummings have I read a female sex blogger with even the faintest shred of willingness to admit to the reality of her most lewd acts, but Karen does that in spades. So many people made the assumption that shes just a media whore looking for attention, but not only has she not taken any of book or TV deals offered, shes gone into hiding. The mens names were belatedly removed and their faces (inadequately) blanked out after many of them complained. Illustrating her thesis with photos and bar charts (which gave explicit physical details and showed levels of her own satisfaction Owen charted her four years of sexual activity at the 30,000-a-year Duke University, North Carolina. In one of the entries, she said: 'In my blackout state, still managed to crawl into bed with a Duke athlete.'. 'His body was, in fact, even more beautiful than I could possibly have imagined. Thats not what was happening in the moment; no, at the time, it was the guys who were using her. On the other hand, younger viewers saw only his rock star status and success. Because her book was just a jumble of stupid ex-post whore-rationalizations.

Or Jessica Cutler, whenever anyone does that, in the list. Thats the opposite of being thesis empowered. Did I mention that he had an Australian accent yet. Especially a girl talking about sex. Weve all done something like that in our lives too.

And she duke subconsciously graded them lower because. That stuff is going to be around for a lifetime. The top ranked man scored, thesis she damn sure didnt get it when she wrote that piece. List written in form of PowerPoint ranks 13 men she slept with. He said Owen has done incredible damage to her reputation.

The current film blockbuster in the.S.Which is fineexcept she doesnt understand that at all, and that is the opposite of empowering.


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Two websites that printed her thesis claim they have been approached by the William Morris talent agency, the publisher HarperCollins and a film company, desperate to get hold of Owen to discuss book or film deals.Experimentation and failure instruct, not success.Viral sensation: Karen Owen, pictured left with a friend, created a PowerPoint 'thesis' rating 13 men she had slept with at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina.Success doesnt teach anything except to repeat what you just did.”