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has cured before moving onto the masking. Step 6: Prep for Paint With the foam helmet complete, we're almost ready for paint, however, we need to do some prep

work first. Use the straight edges of the tape and cut to length for all areas. I left the back pieces last as they required more attention in my case. Always wear respirator while you are working with resin or you are sanding. I decided to leave the lenses 'til last because I didn't stanford phd diploma want the lenses in the way during painting so doing it last makes sense. I scored the round detail on the surface of the foam and by using a heat gun psychology phd texas on the score line, the score line separates, making the score visible and more defining. You can use almost any kind of glue you want. For these templates, simply trace the left side and flip the template for the right side! It helps you to match the parts together. Remove excess material around the trace leaving a 6-8mm space around the trace so you have some material left to glue.

Included in this Instructable are the templates youapos. Paint Brushes, s a gap between the chin and the ridge of the faceplate that needs to be covered 34 layers of wet but thin coats of Plastidip is good for this helmet. One of the pieces the only one without a PVA base coat corners lifted up and the layer just ripped off so based on these results. In the real Iron Man helmet the ears are not just a simple circle. You can scarth the plastic using the girl on paper sand paper. The caulk is flexible j vd hov hw hvhj h kg lk v once dried and can be painted as well. Plastidip is extremely durable, if you noticed in the last step.

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You can use scissors or scalpel. You can thin it down if you want thinner coats but I felt the thickness of my PVA was just fine. The helmet is complete, i applied 3 coats of PVA, most of the pieces are 7 magic tricks with paper symmetrical.


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I applied a small amount on affected areas with a small spatula an used water to smooth and blend the area.If someone knows how to use pepakura here is a link where you can download the pdo file:.Scissors, respirator (for contact cement and paint fumes).If you didn't get the shape you want, just reheat and try again.”