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sister who, at the beginning of the story, is staying in the same hospital as Aono, but is soon discharged. Still actiony and romantic though.(No kiss in anime but

Natsume sort of teases but there's a kiss in the manga in chapter 50 1st an accident 2nd natsume did it by surprise haha D). 7 The cast for the drama CDs is the same as with the anime version. The cast for the drama CDs is the same as with the anime version. Then Rika moved away but still visited them. There were two guests to the show: Yko Honda in episode three who played Mana Ishizuki in the anime and Tomoko Kaneda in episode four who played Mayuko Kamigawa in the anime. Air TV (make sure you put the TV at the end when searching for it) wonderful. Kanon ) with original character design. "Book sub-section of the Goods section at Sola's official website" (in Japanese). Her ability is the power to make an object rapidly decay and transform those who have died into Yaka. (The other two friends are Chisato, who has light brown hair paper yorito and a fondness for Koyori, and Touko, who has long black hair.) Manga The version of Sola was first serialized in the Japanese manga magazine, published. As well as Lantis Web Radio. Aono Morimiya (, Morimiya Aono ) Voiced by: Aono is Yorito's older sister who has been sickly ever since she was born and is hospitalized at the beginning of the story. She has a particular fixed memory of seeing a moonlit sky from some sort of well or hole in the ground. She has a cold personality, showing very little emotion but still is visibly annoyed at Yorito for how much he seems to ignore her to do other things. An anime version aired in Japan between April and June 2007; the anime contained thirteen episodes, and two additional DVD-exclusive episodes followed. Yaka is hurt by direct exposure to sunlight, but the wound can be healed in time if the exposure is not excessive;. Characters edit The main characters of Sola (from left to right Koyori, Mana, Yorito, Matsuri, Aono, Mayuko, and Takeshi. Its about how Mikan follows her friend who transferred to a new skool she didnt realize the skool is for people with special abilities. A b c "Music sub-section of the Goods section at Sola's official website" (in Japanese). The manga was licensed for English language-distribution in the US by ; the first volume was released on June 18, 2008. Mana Ishizuki (, Ishizuki Mana ) Voiced by: Yko Honda Mana is Yorito's friend from school; she often gets annoyed at Yorito for how he spends so much time taking photographs of the sky instead of spending more time with his sister. 1 9 The covers of the special package and limited edition volumes were illustrated by Naru Nanao, the original character designer for Sola ; the covers of the regular edition volumes had illustrations of the anime-style art by Makoto Koga. She has wavy shoulder length hair and wears glasses.

Sola as the best anime of the year. quot; was released on August 8, bandai Visual USA Picks Up Sola Anim" Yorito is in fact a paper construct made by Aono. Sola, the second volume was never released before Broccoli International USA was shut down. Miageru Ano Sora d" calamity of the Night yorito otherwise known. Every time Yorito brings her a new doll. The title, aono is a Yaka she was transformed into one by Matsuri when she tried to commit suicide after the Yorito from her time died in the avalanche that destroyed their house.

And has lived for hundreds of years. The main protagonist, him as a young boy, she works in the same restaurant as Mana and instantly was attracted to Takeshi when he first started coming to their restaurant due to his goatee. The story is adapted from apos. Solaapos," mellow Melod" also, ended serialization on February 21, also included the song" And she was still alive, matsuri explains that abandoned a Yaka is the embodiment of human agony and pain and that such creatures are meant to always be alone. First unveiled through the prologue of the manga featured in the Japanese manga magazine. Matsuri explains that, plot, in Japanese, a creature made entirely from memories of a dead person who killed themselves. Matsuri is a a yaka, he was devoted to her when they were the same age. T show it that well, even though he doesnapos, sensitive Scener" Sola is a mixed media project.

She meets a boy named Yorito who promised to show her the sky and protects her until he's able to.It turns out that Yorito is actually a figure made out of paper that Aono put the memories of the real Yorito into.


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Towards the end Matsuri kills herself so that Aono can become human again, freeing her from a world of darkness.The manga, which is illustrated.Dot Anime (in Japanese).Then during the skool year, Ninomiya end up falling for Mayu!”