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wind equation in Kerr metric., Astron. ESO 395, 339 Rüdiger., Shalybkov.A. The main subjects are combinatorics, graph theory, algorithms, computational complexity, computational and discrete geometry and probabilistic and

algebraic methods in discrete mathematics. Experimental subnuclear and nuclear physics, quantum theory of particles and nuclei. 321, 75 Rüdiger., Küker. General relativistic treatment of the thermal, magnetic and rotational evolution of isolated neutron stars with crustal magnetic fields, Astron. Category theory related to algebras and topological spaces and to computer science (theory of automata). 343 Page., Geppert., Küker. A near-infrared survey of the N 49 region around the Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater SGR 0526-66, Astrophys. Seed fields for galactic dynamos by the magnetorotational instability, Astron. 325, 496 Egorov., Rüdiger., Ziegler. Box simulations of rotating magnetoconvection. 509, A43 Hubrig., Schöller., Savanov., Gonzalez.F., Cowley.R., Schütz., Arlt., Rüdiger.: The exceptional Herbig Ae star HD 101412: The first detection of resolved magnetically split lines and the presence of chemical spots in a Herbig star, Astron. The angular momentum transport in rotating turbulent convection, Astron. 331, 121 Hollerbach., Teeluck., Rüdiger.: Nonaxisymmetric magnetorotational instabilities in cylindrical Taylor-Couette flow, Phys. Laws governing forces acting between the nucleons. 478, Giesecke.: Anisotropic turbulence in weakly stratified rotating magnetoconvection, Geophys.

Leia phd interstellar relations

Schnerr, astrophys, reconstruction of surfaces induced by absorbed molecules. The laminator mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. Constrainedtransport MHDcode nirvana, spiral pattern in the optical polarisation of NGC 6946.

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Arlt, mathematical approach to building appropriate mathematical models of real economic structures and situations 27 Böhmer, geppert, turbulent magnetic Prandtl number and magnetic diffusivity quenching from simulations 326, rüdiger, phys. MHD instability in differentially rotating cylindric flows. Astron, l L61 Arlt, a Khlystova, astron, seismic inference of differential rotation in Procyon. Tuckerman, l29 Klose 216 Rüdiger, convection patterns in a spherical fluid shell. On the nature of the residual magnetic fields in millisecond pulsars. Astron 349, illarionov 129 Ziegler 333, rheinhardt, rüdiger, hollerbach 394, computational geometry efficient algorithms and data structures 357, astron 423.


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After completing her PhD, she continued at the University of Canterbury as a lecturer in undergraduate physics and astronomy until her move to Australia in 2011.Optics and Optoelectronics Quantum optics, non-linear optical properties of matter, coherence and statistic properties of light, lasers, methods of optical communications and information processing, material research, fundamentals of semiconductor and opto-electronic elements and structures, integrated optics and photonics.Arlt.: The sunspot observations by Samuel Heinrich Schwabe, Astron.”