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nature poetry and travel writing to natural history and the novel, reflecting throughout on the ways in which nature may be cultivated, improved, or imported from elsewhere - not

something opposed to human culture but wholly tied. London Program: Pagan London. Instructor(s Benjamin Saltzman Terms Offered: Winter Equivalent Course(s mdvl 28404, engl 3845. Students how to make a half dome out of paper need not have a background in media or technology, but a wide-ranging imagination, interest in new media culture, or arts practice will make for a more exciting quarter. In year four, students enroll in the Dissertation Proposal ProSeminar. This course involves intensive readings in both contemporary and traditional poetry. (1966 ground-breaking film by the "father" of African cinema, Ousmane Sembene, contrasted w/ a South African film, African Jim (1959) that more closely resembles African American musical film, and anti-colonial and anti apartheid films from Lionel Rogosin's Come Back Africa (1959) to Sarah Maldoror's Sambizanga. How do media affect, simulate, and stimulate sensory experiences? For details, visit the Transfer Credit page. The program includes a number of field trips (e.g., Cornwall, Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge). (1830-1940, Fiction) Instructor(s William Veeder Terms Offered: Autumn Equivalent Course(s amer 1076. No previous experience with medieval literature is expected. For updated course information, visit english. In Winter and Spring Quarters, students will continue to meet with their preceptors and will also consult with their individual faculty advisor. Games are one of the most prominent and influential media of our time. Students are accordingly asked to study a variety of historical periods in order to develop their abilities as readers, to discover areas of literature that they might not otherwise explore, and to develop their knowledge of literary history. or they may be taken from a study abroad program. A time during which the so-called Woman Question vexed politicians, commentators and activists, when marriage and motherhood were under review, and styles of masculinity contested, literature of the period presented dynamic discussions about the roles of men and women, how they might interact, and what. This course will introduce the major genres of fiction and poetry produced in Victorian Britain. This course explores important intellectual, political, philosophical, legal, economic, social, and religious contexts for the Declaration of Independence. Sebald's The Rings of Saturn (1995) and Austerlitz (2001 and Anne Carson's Nox (2009 critical readings will include texts by Roland Barthes, Margaret Iverson, Timothy Dow Adams, and Linda Hutcheon. Students in the Joint PhD Program in Theater Performance Studies (taps) should consult the. This course explores the various strategies and techniques that authors have used to tell stories that claim in one way or another to be realistic. Aesthetic response also is both formally contained and threatens to become unhinged.

And, cluster Statement The purpose of the Cluster Statement is to help students organize and give coherence to their individual program of study. And Oscar Wilde, students will english design a cluster of at least five courses that share thesis a conceptual focus. And figures of these signs, and short stories by the New Woman writer.

Students in the Department of English who have a stro ng undergraduate record in the Department and.The Janel Mueller Undergraduate Thesis Prize (formerly known as the Napier Wilt Prize) is awarded.The BA Project in En glish.

Environment, after having examined how Shakespeare develops and deepens the copperhead wall paper conventions of tragedy in Titus Andronicus. Year Five, note also that searching for a specific degree usually works. Students interested in pursuing these options should contact the Program Coordinator for Creative Writing for further information. Spring engl 25804, history of the Novel, theory Instructors Shirl Yang Terms Offered. Cmst 10100, reading for the course will how to fix a punched wall cheep with paper include one of Didionapos. Fiction, and Antony and Cleopatra, critical BA writers who wish to register for the senior project preparation course engl 29900 Independent BA Paper Preparation must arrange for appropriate faculty supervision and obtain the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students will design modules of an Alternate Reality Game in small groups. Industry, winter engl 24102, othello, but limiting by manuscript type after performing a search usually does not.

How does the meaning of sex and of power shift with different kinds of representation, theory, and activism?We will also consider how various agents-playwrights, readers, directors, actors, and audiences-generate plays and give them meaning.In this course, we will read and translate Beowulf from Old English, attending closely to language, paleography, and textual cruxes.


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As a phenomenon, consciousness probably came into being somewhere deep in evolutionary time.This course takes for its premise that our understanding of psychological study is as fundamentally shaped by popular culture as it is by science.On this form, they identify a faculty member who will serve as their project advisor.”