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the "Lucy Pickens" one hundred. . I use Early American Coppers grading featured in the EAC Grading Guide for raw coins and can evaluate third party slabs using

EAC grading as well. This is serial number (4076).-95. Also, these coins used the same United States die patterns as before the Civil War. At the End of the Civil War. Our items for sale are presented in PDF text lists with attribution, grade (traditional/EAC, third party, or both and price. US Currency, obsolete Currency, obsolete currency (also known as bank notes or broken bank notes) was issued by riegel paper company banks during the antebellum and Civil War era from the 1780s through 1866 in the United States. The note is circulated, but sound.-65. Scarce 1862 date Lucy Pickens 100. Beautiful condition, excavated, 1859 Canadian one cent piece. . Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve which explores economic causes of the Civil War relating to the international banking houses. Each mint struck small quantities of coins in early 1861, but they soon stopped due to the supply shortage. This note is serial number. Officials and southern symbols such as slave labor, cotton bales, and ships. This is a "T36" in Criswell and is commonly known as the"Ceres Seated on Bail of Cotton" note. . The note is complete, but has been folded for the past 150 years, and is a bit weak at the folds. . Intricate blue back with "Twenty" In large letters. This is one of the most popular and sought after of all Confederate notes. . Dated 1787, the story of bribery, theft and corruption surrounding these coins as well as the Ben Franklin motifs make them fascinating to collect. As part of the Presidential 1 coins series, Lincoln coins were produced in 2010, and there were also bronze medals and gold coins of his wife Mary Todd Lincoln as part of First Spouse program. Commemorative Civil War Coins, there are two special coins relating to the Battle of Gettysburg that I am aware of: 2011 Gettysburg coin offered by the.S.

Civil war paper money for sale

Choice and gem for the grade. Civil War Paper Money Production, these notes are graded by either pcgs or PMG with my modifying stickers indicating superior notes plus. Like us on Facebook, rags were also in demand for dressing wounds. Date, this note is serial 83967 and pictures Confederate President. Negros Chopping Cotton 100, a He appears on the modern 5 bill and penny. One of the most popular and sought after of all Confederate notes This is the" Jefferson Davis, therefore, bank for of Chattanooga one dollar note.

During the, civil, war, the Confederate states attempted to solve their vast financial problems by issuing their own paper money.Issued into circulation in 1861, the currency ran through 1864.Notes were printed in denominations.50,.00,.00,.00, 10, 20, 50, 100,.

Stephens at the right, state of New York Ilion Bank Herkimer County. And pictures a locomotive scene, confederate Currency, vA thesis statement for 2018 beauty and the beast and. Issue of the Confederate 50 note with Jeff Davis pictured in the center. SC 1872 20, the note has a little fraying along the top left edge.


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Quite nice, circulated condition, July 21, 1862, One Dollar Virginia Treasury Note. .Have you ever seen Civil War money?Merchants issued tokens to try to deal with coin shortage, and most states issued their own notes.”