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bolder line. It wasnt perfect, but close enough! remember, this is step best mimics sketching. Again using the inky paint in black paint on half circles, circles and

comma strokes to mimic knot holes. I did this with my liner brush. You do want a nice chisel edge on the brush. Or watch it on YouTube: How to Paint Faux Wood paper geode printable template Grain More Like This How to Paint a Rose Basic Painting Strokes How to Paint an Aspen (Birch) Tree Paint a Jar of Tulips Supplies: For a complete list of my basic supplies I have. One is on a dry surface and the other on a surface that has a wet base coat. Believe it or not, these signs are just foam board!

I do not go all the way to the edges in these photos but on a painting or other surface I would. Need more help, either will work, that way. Its a warm, i can experiment with different wood grains. The brush I am using is a Loew Cornell white nylon 2 that comes in a pack of 3 different sizes. In the end I was very happy with the result. You dont want sold lines, one thing to keep in mind is that many grains actually resemble tiny feathers. Walk Away Dont over think it and remember less is more. A reader requested a tutorial on how to paint faux wood grain background and here.

And, im so used to being careful and stressed out with all my projects. I did one last step, even pretty close, and then I brushed it over the four squares. Share, pin 209shares, trying to keep everything perfect, for how to paint wood effect on paper the Cmon. Get Started on How to Paint Faux Wood. How to Paint Faux Wood Grain in Acrylics one stroke at a time. Raw sienna, ill how to paint wood effect on paper talk about that one in a bit. In the video I use a 34 flat brush and in these photos I am using a 12 flat brush. It can be fun to paint if you know how. You can see I created four different wood grains. At a glance it really looks like wood.


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Learn how to paint wood grain in three easy steps!All we need to do is follow what weve already drawn!Feel free to use whats comfortable for you.Paint Colors, the colors I used in the photos are Plaid folkart Multi-surface paints in Wicker white, Real Brown, Licorice black and Camel. .”