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have no nutritional value. Body Modification Addiction, body modification addiction means that you must improve your body with tattoos and piercings. This blogger at Experience Project tells how

they could go a whole day without real food if there were just a few rolls of toilet paper about. You can notice these people on the beach because they are first to hit it in the morning. A 44 year old Teresa is on a special diet. It looks like this relationship can last a lifetime. He uses them to fulfill his sexual desires. Cosmetic Surgery Addiction, cosmetic surgery can be life changing, we all know this. Phone Addiction, smartphone addiction is a common thing for many people, especially teenagers. Toilet Paper, for most of us, toilet paper has the one and only one function in our lives. People have been known to eat dirt, glass, pain and sand, as well as household objects like carpets, candles and sponges. Miss Sylvester has five children - four boys called Billy, eight, Mayson, six, Harrie, five and Jaxon, one, and a daughter called Harlow, five. He says that he fell in love with his 1998 Monte Carlo.

S nearly three gallons of paint since her addiction began. Today, there seem to be quite a few paper online communities where these strange individuals convene. Almost every young person is addicted to Facebook. Though blood drinkers make generally hide their identity.

Addicted to toilet paper

Sexual Addiction, tOP 4 disgusting food addictions My Strange international paper company domino texas Addiction. I have one roll in large rolls of decorative contact paper the bathroom for eating and one to be used normally. Miss Sylvester said, is addicted to her cat, apos.

The best example is Jocelyn Wildenstein, a millionaire who spent more than 4 million on cosmetic surgery over the years.Youll never look at balloons the same!


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Pagophagia is also known as ice addiction and it means that an addicted person must chew on ice every single day.For Michelle this is a serious addiction.The winner has to be Nathaniel.”