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this giving you 8 tentacles! As far as we know (or can measure by our standards) its one of the most intelligent animals out there so that alone makes

it super cool. Using scotch tape, glue the strips of bubble wrap at the back of the plate as shown. With brand new resources added on weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to make with your kids (either as a parent or as a teacher). You can glue them all around or have them facing one direction only as we did. We hope your kids enjoyed this simple paper octopus craft idea and that they will be creating many of their own. Continue with the next strip of paper. Using a Sponge Brush, paint the paper plate in shades of pink orange. From turtles to whales to fish to octopuses, she wanted any or all at home. As we love crafts that pop and love to do all kinds of things with paper (especially strips of paper a paper dome octopus craft was first on the menu years this year, as far as octopuses. Glue the first strip of paper on the paper circle as shown on the image bellow. Cut the bubble wrap into eight 1/2 inch strips using child-safe scissors. The end result will be even better than the real deal, for your child can run wild with his/her sample colorful imagination. She was a crazy fan of all the ocean creatures, you could say that! The easiest way to go about this is to glue the second one at the right angle to the first one. I realized it would have been easier if I had painted the bubble wrap before cutting. Lets make a paper plate octopus! Cant have enough of the ocean? Check it out, related Posts. You are here: Home Craft Ideas Paper plate crafts How to Make a Paper Plate Octopus Ocean Crafts for Kids.

Shruti Acharya, start from the center and in a circular motion move towards the edge of the plate. Paper Plate Crafts for some exciting crafttime. Then, you can create wonders with the humble paper plate. Youre bound to love the, do check out our other, now all that is left to do is to glue on the eyes you could just as easily just draw them directly on paper plate. Fold the orange sheet of paper to half fold that half to half again I think the technical term for this is double fold. Paper plate octopus craft is an exciting way for kids to learn about ocean creatures while brushing up on some scissor cutting and other fine motor skills. And goggly eyes are super silly when they move around 215shares, we do think the stickers or googly eyes make ALL the difference with these crafts.

Octopuses are one of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean and they look kind of awesome so why not make a octopus paper plate craft!Paper plate crafts are great for all ages you can make super simple crafts with preschoolers and more detailed projects with older kids!

Air sale and sea are pretty amazing. Wiggle eye stickers or goggly eyes. Bubble Wrap, or Follow These Step by Step Instructions for Octopus laboratory Craft. Cut a circle out of orange paper.

We cut ours across the width of a regular A4/letter sized paper.Also, check out the, filed Under: Paper plate crafts, Preschooler Crafts Activities, Summer, Toddler Crafts Activities, tagged With: #GooglyEyes, Recycled Crafts « Pretend Play Food Doughnut Paper Craft For Kids 20 Adorable Handprint Crafts for Mothers Day ».Start by cutting 8 strips of paper.


Paper Mache Octopus: Craft Tutorial

While the color dries well be making tentacles and eyes!Paper plate crafts are great for all ages you can make super simple crafts with preschoolers and more detailed projects with older kids!You will need paper plate (plain white one or per-colored one) orange color orange sheet of paper (or plain white paper and have the kids color it) white paper scissors glue pen, black marker, start by coloring the paper plate.I stuck them closer towards one end of the paper plate.”