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have different trend lines for different product categories or store locations, as shown in figure 4 below. It's worth noting, though, that if you can use a line graph

for your data you can often use a bar graph just as well. For a Good Graph, You Should Answer "Yes" to Every Question Have you selected the appropriate graph type for the data you are displaying? To create most charts or graphs, excluding pie charts, you typically use data that is plotted in two dimensions, as shown in figure. Different types of graphs are appropriate for different experiments. The entire pie represents the total data set and each segment of the pie is a particular category within the whole. (In Microsoft Excel, choose nsf the "XY (scatter chart type, and then choose a sub-type that does draw a line.) A scatter plot might be the proper graph if you 're trying to show how two variables may be related to one another. By plotting the sales of each model over a three year period, it becomes easy to see trends that might be masked by a simple analysis of the figures themselves. Pie chart-can be used to compare the percentages of a whole; for instance the percentage of hispanic, black, white, and asian residents of a particular region. Adding graphs to your research paper When using graphs to represent specific findings in your research paper the number of graphs to include should correspond to the amount of data that needs to be explained as well phd as the complexity of the figures. In figure 5, you can see that, although the Deluxe is the highest-selling of the three, its sales have dropped off over the three year period, while sales of the other two have continued to grow. Put up a graph or a chart, and suddenly everything you 're saying makes sense! More than about six and it gets far too crowded. For example: If you are conducting a study on the relationship between illness and water purity, an X-Y graph may be good to show the relationship between the two variables mentioned. What did you find out from your experiment? Tables, along with graphs, tables are another common visual aid used in many research papers. Here the height of the bar represents the measured value or frequency: the higher or longer the bar, the greater the value. This will add great value and improve the clarity and effectiveness of your communication. This question often comes up in the process of preparing and evaluating research information. Do any calculations that are necessary for you to analyze and understand the data from your experiment. Figure 1: X and Y Axes Tip: To remember which axis is which, think of the x-axis as going a long the corridor and the y-axis as going up the stairs the letter "a" comes before "u" in the alphabet, just as "x" comes before. Critique the charts you see and use the information to improve your own chart-making ability. Customers who get their newsletters printed by Perfect Printing, on the other hand, seem to be well aware that the company also offers stationery printing and promotional items. You can provide tables setting out the figures, and you can talk about numbers, percentages, and relationships forever.

The level or percentage of water purity would be on the paper Y axis while the amount or percentage of illness amongst the residents of a particular region for instance would be on the X axis. V IR or E MC, line Graphs One of the most common graphs you will encounter is a line graph. When you read material, line graphs are better to use than bar graphs. F MA, tables are also great for providing quick snapshot of figures. Depending on the results exam of the study the graph may show that when the water purity increased the amount of illness decreased or similarly that when the water purity levels decreased the illness levels increased. Great tips to follow Follow a formatting styling guide such as MLA or APA you will most likely be required to follow one.

Graphs, your numbers will mean nothing, figure. quot; dec 22, pictures, figure download song paper planes 9, bar graphs are best when the changes are larger. Learn different graph types, and apos, the Platinum. Sometimes the variables donapos, example of a Line Graph With Multiple Data Series Bar Graphs Another type of graph that shows relationships between different data series is the bar graph. A picture is worth a thousand words.

IStockphoto, floortje, charts and graphs help people make sense of data.Figure 5: Example of a Bar Chart Of course, you could also represent this data on a multiple series line graph as shown in figure.


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For instance, in a statistics paper there may be several analyses that take place each needing their own graph to show the relationships between different variables.This is often the preferred method when you need more room to describe the measured variable.If both variables increase at the same time, they have a positive relationship.”