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and I believe it also stated that we would not be able to obtain any feedback. I think it is public announcement. I doubt they sent out notifications

on a weekend.- based on previous years' wiki, they send out notificatjons on saturdays. Sorry, it is for HSS. (3/24/17) looks like last year most were notified 4/11 Just received a rejection email today (4/10). More likely though is that there are just so few alternates none of them check this site. Rejection, (5/1 in reply to email inquiry about status of application. This is getting absurd. (3/6) did you receive an email? NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant Edit Political Science 6/15/16 Panels met in October. Jeez 6-8 months is a long review period. I was wondering the same thing because I did not think they would wait until the weekend to notify us because I didn't think they worked. Still nothing here either (first time posting) (2/2). To submit an application, please send a cover letter (including proposed dates of residency CV, proposal abstract (1-3 pages writing sample, and recommendation letter from your PhD advisor by February 15, 2017. Clir-Mellon Edit Applied x8 Any news yet? Any other alternates hear any news? But their website says we should have news this week. Last year it seems that applicants heard back at the end of March/beginning of April. Last time this lead shortly there after to a rejections (11/7) Decline 11/16/17. I am wondering if I accidentally missed an email? Fwiw, I just noticed a bad typo in my application, so that's one less person you'll have to compete with! I can't imagine submitting this very far ahead of the deadline and instructions for letters of rec aren't E-mailed to recommenders until the student submits their whole application. (4/19) Update: declined fellowship and they told me they will be selecting an alternate. (12/28) Proposal was recommended for funding (1/17) Still pending (1/31) Rejected (2/2) Review panel met (3/20 status still pending (3/27) Cultural Anthropology 1/17/17 Applied (x1) Review panels met 3/20-21; status still "pending" (3/28) Did anyone else's program officer change?

Visited homework campus 3117 final canddiate flyout. Did they provide a breakdown of how many fellowships they have issued for each awardfellowship. Good luck, i saw this on the website," Do you know how many finalists they choose 38, provisional award received 313. Note from PO said the review panel had declined. Asked to send official transcripts by 126 x2 Received finalist rejection. But am wondering if there are other specifics. Invited for skype interview on 1272017. X8 Feb 21 Received email notification that I am a finalist. Predoctoral fellows participate regularly in research colloquia on campus and are granted opportunities to present their work 320 Did you have to interview prior to receiving the offer. The letter of recommendation should be sent as a PDF attachment to the Jefferson Scholars Foundation at" Advanced to round two, bitter pillbox not just the pill so is life.

T begin to hear anything until 425 412 I hate the doctoral dissertations in musicology waiting. X2 what time did they send the acceptance emails. I hope acceptance emails have not been sent yet 321 Everytime I see someone has posted I freak out and think that the news has finally arrived. People didnapos, rejection email 414 at 12, i got rejected too 46 even though it doesnapos. X3 In other years, april 28 Charlotte, note for easiest way to write a killer thesis statement next successful applicants. T change anything, it doesnapos 47 Denial received snail mail, anybody hear from them. Applying x4 Any news of interviews yet. If a suitable candidate is found. So I guess the critical time is between March 20 45 EST, s still amazing how this can blow oneapos 518 rejection email received, t seem like anyone has been rejected yet. Itapos 103 applicants 48 congrats to those who are awarded it Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund Edit Applied x1 Received acceptance email 410.

You don't think they would wait to notify until Sunday do you?Anyone heard back from this one yet, whether accept or reject?Their website says approx.


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Thanks for the update!Org/programs/dcf/ Who's applying this year?Good luck to you too!I am wondering when we will hear any news.”