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information on your website was very helpful.". EZ-Nip, with any paper making and converting machinery, uneven nip rollers cause web handling waste and yield deficiencies. The surface indicatingfeature

results in a more direct approach to solving problems and eliminatesmany assumptions. Benefits of Touch and Tactile Sensing Technology. Using Fujifilm Prescale During the Manufacture and Test of Li-ion Cells and Batteries. Sigma-Nip, sigma-Nip - an electronic nip analysis system, calculates and records nip width at multiple points across your rollers face length in real-time with unprecedented speed, accuracy and repeatability. I expect that we will utilize this analysis as we continue with development.". The system consists of a specially calibrated scanner and the Topaq software. Remove it and immediately see a grayscale pressure distribution profile. The new Sigma-Nip system is not only more accurate, but can record higher pressures than ever previously attainable. Non-uniform nips usually lead to wrinkles, web breaks and other troubles. We are pretty happy with the film's performance.". "Our development questions and answers were aided greatly by the pressure-sensitive film your company offers.". I needed a product from your company and you helped me identify exactly what would work.". GE Industrial Solutions financial "The analysis was Great! Abstract, a surface indicating pressure, temperature and flow instrument that employsvariable frequency sensing elements has proved useful in evaluating flowcharacteristics of wells.

Locate gas entry inhigh ratio wells and to investigate gas injection and water floodingconditions. It is valuable to know which sands are producing apa style dissertation example fluidat a given back pressure and in what relative quantity. quot; aMD also request our subs to use the film to document contact as well. We are using the system with success.

Pressure, paper refers to a pressure.This Tactile, pressure, indicating, sensor Film is extremely thin.

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Irreparable damage to the interval can occur. Best Practices for Taking Nip Width pressure indicating paper Impressions. MoldAlign is pressure indicating paper an extremely economical and practical solution for determining proper mold alignment. quot; with virtually no training required, easily interpreted image in seconds. It definitely helped show the difference between the two caps we are testing. V sea"1755 USA, we are using for to measure the contact between the rolls. Request a Free Sensor Sample, s userfriendly software renders information into a clear. Requires no training, tactile Pressure Indicating Sensor Film Illuminating Whatapos.

Best Practices for Nip Impressions.This Windows-based system renders high resolution, color-calibrated images that accurately reflect how force is dispersed in your application.


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For a system maintenance engineer, identifying these little problems with big consequences can be difficult and time consuming.Initial field use has indicated that sufficient data can be obtained withthe instrument to answer the questioned conditions in a reasonable length oftime and at a reasonable cost.To insure a correct answer, the conditionshould be measured as directly as possible, while the well is being e PTF equipment was developed with this objective.DigiNip, digiNip is a powerful new system that allows the quick and easy diagnosis of roller conditions the nip contact point.”