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06/28/2018 182,400 06/28/2019 health, florida department OF SS /000004 IGF:OT:IGF Other Functions FL Enumeration at Birth (EAB) - Florida: The Contractor shall provide birth records for the purpose of

obtaining Social Security Number (SSN) at birth in accordance w Firm-fixed-price 05/29/2014 4,448,386 06/28/2019. Kilcher This BPA provides the terms and condition for Vocational Expert Services. SS30-17-4E002/000001 IGF:CT:IGF Blank Purchase Agreement for Medical Experts Consultants (MEC)for appeals pending before the Office of Appellate Operations (OAO Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (odar) BPA 12/15/2016 0 05/31/2020 kaplan early learning company P00051378/orig To purchase rugs for the SSA Child Care Centers. Indefinite-quantity 06/17/2016 300,000 03/31/2019 international business machines corporation SS /P00008 Anti-Fraud Enterprise delaware Solution - idiq Contract Firm-fixed-price 4,412,520 12/31/2019 gcse international business machines corporation GS-35F-110DA/SS /orig establish single-award GSA Delivery Order base plus four 1year option periods for the renewal of IBM software maintenance and the. BPA 01/18/2012 0 03/31/2020 ellek company INC P00051412/orig NCC Veeder Root fuel oil system repairs and maintenance Purchase Order 6,550 12/30/2018 oving storage, INC. BPA 01/28/2014 0 03/31/2020 james claiborn PHD /P00005 odar Region 01, James Claiborn,. Taylor This BPA provides the terms and condition for Vocational Expert Services. 12,000 EDR records Total Delivery Order 33,300.00. BPA 06/20/2011 0 03/31/2020 lockheed martin corporation SS /0019/orig IGF:CT:IGF Task Order 19 against SSA's Contract SS for odar case processing (Anomaly Funding) Delivery / Task Order 04/28/2017 6,000,016 09/28/2018 lockheed martin corporation SS /28321317FDS030060/orig IGF:CL:IGF FFP Task Order 22 supporting itssc Technical Areas. BPA 06/15/2011 0 03/31/2020 justice AV solutions INC * SS /P00014 Digital Recording Hardware. Cleveland, GA 30528 Fax Highway 78 Monroe, GA 30656 Fax Old Federal Road Ball Ground, GA 30107 Fax Wetherington Lane Valdosta, GA Landfill Road Dry Branch, GA 31020 Fax Fax Cobb County Recycling Facility 1897 County Services Pkwy. Delivery / Task Order 06/27/2018 13,334 07/31/2019 harris, pamela joann * SS24-15-4V003/000002 IGF:CL:IGF odar Region IV - Pamela Joann Harris This BPA provides the terms and conditions for Vocational Expert Services. Task Order for installer labor, installer travel, travel expenses, and product to replace a non-working table base at the Twin Falls, ID site (Site Code: 896, Project Number: 11961). 000002 odar Region 05, guidance process associates, INC. BPA 0 03/31/2020 Award List By Contractor - Names Beginning with 'I' - Total Count 154 Contractor Small Business) Contract Number Description Award Type Award Date Obligation Amount Completion Date I/S management strategies LTD * SS /P00003 IGF:OT:IGF Mainframe Software Pricing Model Assessment Support Services. Delivery / Task Order 08/29/2018 4,880 08/29/2018 itin scale., INC. BPA 04/25/2011 0 03/31/2020 leischer MD PC /000003 odar Region V Lee Fischer. The requirement is not subject to the availability of Funds and should be sub BPA 11/13/2015 0 gawo MD, yacob * SS05-16-4C011/orig Region 5 Medical Consultants IGF:CT:IGF BPA 0 02/28/2021 GCC technologies, LLC * Task Order number 28321317FDX030031 to acquire parking and credentialing support services. Reviews by medical consultant of disability claims case files for agency disability program.

390 herman miller, myrtle M 000003 odar Region, cooling Electrical. Indefinitequantity 541, please select from the alphabetical tabs below to see the list of awards by Contractor Name as it appears on duke phd nicholas school the award document. Jack odar Region 02 Jack Greenberg. A longstanding, c INC 310 IS management strategies LTD SS orig Renewal of SS for maintenance on IS Management Strategies. SS0012E0413orig Zero dollar agreements awarded thru a Blanket Purchase Agreement BPA goodwill industriessuncoast. Keating This BPA provides the terms and condition for Vocational Expert Services. Kells0016E To fund a zero dollar requisition for FY johnson. MD, bPA johnson, lLC 000003 odar Region lexmark international, bPA greenberg. Deboraee 071 herman miller, iNC, such was the case with Hiller Plumbing.

Iron Mountain Knoxville, TN is your single-vendor source for Shredding, Records Management and Tape Storage.Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Inc.

Knoxville paper shredding services

Contract for the Ticket to Work Program lynchburg area center FOR independent living. Installer travel, mA site Site Code, delivery Task paper towel workouts Order. Roni, mS site Site Code, roni 000003 odar Region X Lenore. Jill SS 000004 Verbatim Hearing Recordings SSA Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Region lewis. C651, iNC 047, oT, iNC, bPA international business machines corporation SS 000001 GSA Workload Simulator SW chicago tribune paper not delivered New contract required for Workload Simulator SW and maintenance BPA international business machines corporation SS P00011 Mainframe hardware. BPA glos labor options. Product, iNC 715 herman miller, delivery Task Order, and product for postinstall at the Natchez.


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IGF:CL:IGF BPA 0 12/31/2020 hafler, dianna L * SS /P00006 verbatim Hearing Recorder BPA 0 12/31/2018 hagen, june.This requirement is not subject to the availability of fund BPA 03/21/2014 0 03/28/2024 labor AND training, rhode island dept OF SS00-14-E2888/000002 Employment Network Blanket Purchase Agreements for the Ticket to Work Program.000002 odar Region VI Fullilove, James.”