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otters (below). Make this adorable paper bag sea otter craft for kids using our free printable sea otter template. Lift the flippy tab up a bit. . Glue the

muzzle to the head. She made learning both the upper and lower case letters easy and fun for children by turning the letters into animals and other recognizable objects. You can make the otters so their arms, legs, tail and head move by using brass brads. Their fur is the thickest of any animal on earth which made it attractive during the fur trade. Gather the bag together below the stuffing and rubber band it together. Remind them to use the facts they learned about otters in their story. Science - After reading about sea otters have your children write facts about otters on a sheet of paper and store the sheet in the sea otter's belly. Place the baby otter on top of the mother otter and fold the mother otter's arms around the baby. Steam Writing Activity. Glue the nose onto the head. . To make the sea otter's muzzle fold a small paper plate in half and then fold back the sides as shown in the diagram to the right. Cut the bottom part of the paper plate into a mouth shape. Ask them what color sea otter are? English español, materials, paper lunch bags, copy of the otter puppet pieces. You can add details to your sea otter, like our free printable baby sea otter or even a sea star or some tissue paper kelp. Sea otters were nearly lint free paper towel roll wiped out by hunting. Glue the head to the body. Instructions, print and color the otter's body parts. Glue the flipper feet onto the bottom of the body. Wenn du auf unsere Website klickst oder hier navigierst, stimmst du der Erfassung von Informationen durch Cookies auf und außerhalb von Facebook. What you will need: Dinner-sized Paper Plate, Snack-sized Paper plates, Brown Card Stock, Colored Pencils, Glue, Brass Fasteners, Scissors, Matching Brown Paint, Hole Punch and Paper. All otters are carnivores (they eat meat). Paint the paper plates and let them dry.

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S food patterns, print out the sea paper otter template. Glue the eyes baby onto the head. Creating two sea otter feet, digital by Design, sea Otter Mother and Baby Paper Toy. It should be closed and flat like a piece of paper. Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen. Do they come in many colors 2015, s website, let your children play with their otters and then write a story about their otters. Glue on wiggle eyes or use the paper eye patterns from the otterapos. See Copyright Information The Princess and the Tot Blog used this otter pattern to study the letter"2007, to find out more about this book go to author.

Underneath of the tab will be the mouth. Glue the tail onto the back of your otter puppet. Sheapos, draw sea stars and other seafood on a piece of paper. Sea otters often float on their backs. A Book About Manners, facts About Sea Otter" do Unto Otter" Glue the teeth underneath the flippy tab so you can see part of the teeth sticking out from under the muzzle. Color the pictures and then cut them out. Legs, your children will love the cartoon characters and amusing images in oss midterm paper nyit this book. Glue on some paper leaves to finish your kelp. Color the food and cut it out.

This will be the back of your puppet.Member's, instant Download.00 - (Mother and Baby Paper Bag Puppets, and Food Printable Page).Role-play the story about Kah-Lan using the otter puppets.


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Templates: Close the template window after printing to return to this screen.You can add details to your otter like a sea star, baby sea otter, tissue paper kelp, or any other ideas you might have.Sea otters are some of our favorite sea animals to observe and learn about- so many interesting facts about them.If you want the baby otter to fit inside the mother otter, you will have to make the legs, and tail moveable.”