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using Ivaras work identification practice, Maintenance Task Analysis. The Ivara solution implements improved asset reliability one system at a time. Yield strength, rP0.2 N/mm, elongation A5, brinell hardness,. The

entire organization has embraced the Ivara Asset Reliability Process as the right strategy to improve mill performance and strengthen Catalyst Papers competitive position. Change in the number of job vacancies between the third quarter of 2016 and the third quarter of 2017, by province and territory. Compared with the same quarter a year earlier, the number of job vacancies in the third quarter of 2017 increased in nine provinces, led by Quebec and British Columbia, while job vacancies fell paper in Newfoundland and Labrador. Job vacancies in Toronto were little changed following four consecutive quarters of year-over-year increases. At the same time, the unemployment rate fell from.0.0 as fewer people searched for work. For nbsk pulp, the benchmark price decreased.1 compared to Q1 due to short-term destocking in the quarter. The financial impact plan laid out the roadmap to achieve an increase of as much as 3 percent in paper machine efficiency. While newsprint demand is expected to continue to contract as circulation and page counts fall, the North American market is expected to remain stable due to pending newsprint machine conversions. The first project at the Powell River mill is in the advanced stages of planning, has an expected cost of 25 million of which 75 will be covered by Power Smart funding, and will reduce the company's annual energy costs by approximately 5 million. The workshop was successful in achieving a consensus on the strategy and cementing the vision and direction the reliability initiative would take. The transition of moving to a reliability-based culture would involve more than a quick technology fix; it would involve a change in the way employees work maintenance and operations alike. These forward-looking statements reflect management's current views and are based on certain assumptions including assumptions as to future economic conditions, demand for products, levels of advertising, product pricing, ability to achieve operating and labour cost reductions, currency fluctuations, production flexibility and related courses of action. Catalyst Paper manufactures diverse specialty mechanical printing papers, newsprint and pulp. . Quebec and British Columbia leading growth in job vacancies.

Catalyst pulp and paper port alberni

Weapos, benchmark prices for coated and uncoated paper declined from the previous quarter while remaining flat for directory and newsprint. quot; practices and technologies to optimize reliability and performance of plant assets. Further Quarterly Results Materials This release. Re already seeing improved pulp production as a result of the debottlenecking work completed on the pulp mill. Ensuring that the right work is being done on the right equipment at the right time. The company decided to make changes how much is recycling paper worth that would improve the mills reliability and performance. We achieved a new record in paper productivity in the quarter. At the same time, but rather a shared responsibility between maintenance. Ivara facilitated the prioritization of assets on a systembysystem basis according to consequence and relative risk to the business.

The, port, alberni mill was selected as the first facility to adopt the new strategy.Catalyst, paper is a leading producer of mechanical printing papers in North America.

Catalyst pulp and paper port alberni

At the same time 133mm 1000mm lpar, the impact of the Crofton maintenance shut. Global pulp inventories are very low and this may put upward pressure on future pulp pricing. Rpar, in order to achieve its goals further 6, and a scheduled interest payment, automatic P plus.


At the Port Alberni mill alone, increased capacity and cost savings totaling.5 million is anticipated in year one and expected to reach.1 million per year after the three year ramp.The reliability initiative would need to capture this valuable knowledge in a formal process and ensure the sustainability of the new reliability program.The Ivara Work Smart methodology aligned well with Catalysts core value of involvement and addressed the need for effective change management.


Catalyst, paper, q2 results impacted by planned

The job vacancy rate also increased.2 in the third quarter, up from.6 the same quarter a year earlier and the highest rate in the country.The transition to a reliability-based culture would affect the way their employees would work.The BC Hydro Power Smart program is aimed at reducing the energy intensity and improving the energy efficiency of thermal-mechanical pulping facilities in British Columbia. .Building a people-oriented solution and carefully managing this change at all levels were key concerns.”