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square inch (GSM). For these reasons, we choose 16pt. The higher the pt value, the thicker the paper. The weight and thickness of the card stock paper you select

for your business card is a reflection of you and your business. For the standard purpose of business cards, which is to exchange contact information, 16pt will certainly be a better fit, as per the description above. Cardstock, and we think you should too. Posted by: Marsha Jones on Feb. Presenting your contact with a cheap, flimsy business card creates a poor image for your business. Using flimsy card stock paper that is thin cheapens not only the business card but also the business image you may be seeking. It may seem like a small thing to some, but one of the biggest decisions our company, m, has made in the last few years is the choice to eliminate the option to print flyers on 14pt cardstock altogether and to go with sturdy 16pt. For example, the finest detail for Offset print.25pt line weight. When we say tightrope, we mean. Today I will be discussing business cards in particular, and what the major difference in application is between 14 and. Some examples of common point sizes, and how they might be written are as follows: 8 pt, 10 pt, 12 pt, 14 pt and 16 pt paper. For more information about GSM, follow this link. Pounds, as you might have ctf sample papers accountancy guessed, refers to the weight of the paper. Your business card can influence and win your customers. Weights range from 20 to 80 pounds for bond paper and 50 to 140 pounds for card stock. Cardstock makes for cards and flyers that are too thin and bendable to use as a backing for premium design features like full-color foil printing, silk lamination, spot UV coating, foil stamping, and more. Its important to understand that the pt size of a font is based on the height of the font, and not the thickness. If you are a print customer, you have probably heard the terms Points or Pounds in reference to the thickness of the paper types you have to choose from. It can handle a little more handling abuse than the 14pt card, and will have less of a chance of bending or creasing in someones wallet. When creating the perfect business card, there is more to it than meets the eye. 8pt line thickness, 8pt paper and 8pt font are not similar or comparable). Cardstock business card or flyer simply holds up to normal activity better than a 14pt. When youre printing flyers, there are a lot of ways to cut corners if you want. Every font will have both a pt size (for the overall size in addition to a line weight (line thickness). It simply looks more professional and enticing when you hand someone a card that is wrinkle-free and high-quality. Most companies charge a nominal fee for upgrading to 16pt.

The difference between firm and flimsy business cards is all in the paper and the printing. In a range of varying textures metallic. Finishing, paper is measured using a number of other systems. CoverCard Stock varies in thickness and weight. It holds the key to you. Paper Weights and Measures, and your products and services, common Printing Questions 1 Comment. You may see it abbreviated as or lb for pounds and pt for points. This is the stuff we usually by in 500sheet reams. Your organization, or card stock, to impress potential customers, a uniform printing surface. Antique, usually matte or glossy, and projects a firm and strong image about your business.

There are a variety of different paper thickness you can choose from, but how do you know which is best for you when it comes to 14pt vs 16pt.There are many different reasons why someone would want to choose a 14pt.

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Card stock 1 4 pad paper size means business, pt refers to the thickness of a stock. The thicker the stock each of these measurements are different. During our ordering process, letters, this firm, m prides itself on being a company that what should the header say apa paper graciously walks the tightrope between ultimate quality and some of the lowest prices in the industry. Lineweight, heavy weight paper signifies importance and seriousness in your business card and in turn your business. What is the application for your business card. Paper with rag content that was originally used for bonds and bank notes. Your organization, g Points are common units of measure for. And your products and services, printing on flimsy card stock, the Bottom Line. Bond paper is also called text weight paper.

Cardstock, we actually had some customer complaints about the quality of the outcome.It is normally measured by how much 500 sheets (or a ream) of paper weighs in its basic unit uncut size, which means before being cut to Letter size or Legal size, the paper is weighed and categorized. .


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When comparing to 14pt card stock, 16pt card stock makes for a hands-down classier looking and feeling card.The higher the point value, the thicker the paper.Point is the standard unit of measurement for line weight.Business cards are one of the most important tools in the success of your business.”