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sad Observation, that when the People too late see their Error, yet the Clergy still persist in their Encomiums on the Hypocrite; and when he happens to die

for the Good of his Country, without leaving behind him the Memory. The Passage was kept by two sturdy Porters named Riches and Poverty, and the latter obstinately refused to give Entrance to any who had not first gaind the Favour of the former; so that I observed, many who came even to the very Gate, were. One grand Objection against this Proposal, is, How you will oblige People to pay either their Subscription, or their Quarteridge. I doubt not but moderate Drinking has been improvd for the Diffusion of Knowledge among the ingenious Part of Mankind, who want the Talent of a ready Utterance, in order to discover the Conceptions of their Minds in an entertaining and intelligible Manner. I cannot pretend to account for the different Effects of Liquor on Persons of different Dispositions, who are guilty of Excess in the Use. Yet I cannot omit one Observation, which is, that the Author has (to his Honour) invented a new Species of Poetry, which wants a Name, and was never before known. He has made himself a King in Soliloquy ; fancies himself conquering the World; and the Inhabitants thereof consulting on proper Methods to acknowledge his Merit. In the next Place, because Death is a Contingency, no Man can directly Calculate, and all that Subscribe must take the Hazard; yet that a Prejudice against this Notion may not be built on wrong Grounds, lets examine a little the Probable hazard, and see. He may escape the Imputation of being drunk, when his Misfortune comes to be related. 5 "As for Idleness, if I should Quaere, Where are the greatest Number of its Votaries to be found, with us or the Men?". Dogood has lately left her Seat in the Country, and come to Boston, where she intends to tarry for the Summer Season, in order to compleat her Observations of the present reigning Vices of the Town. Wrongfully, inasmuch as the Men have not only as great a Share in those Vices as the Women, but are likewise in a great Measure the Cause of that which the Women are guilty. By this means it happens, that no one knows what his Neighbour means when he says such a one is for or against the Church. She lampooned Harvard College, suggesting that the only thing its students really learned was how to be conceited. These Words of Clericus gave me a Curiosity to inquire a little more strictly into the present Circumstances of that famous Seminary of Learning; but the Information which he gave me, was neither pleasant, nor such as I expected. On her Right Hand sat English, with a pleasant smiling Countenance, and handsomely attird; and on her left were seated several Antique Figures with their Faces vaild. Tis strange to see Men of a regular Conversation become rakish and profane when intoxicated with Drink, and yet more surprizing to observe, that some who appear to be the most profligate Wretches when sober, become mighty religious in their Cups, and will then, and. James Franklin often printed pieces written by his friends, and Ben desperately wanted to see his own work in the paper. It argues some Shame in the Drunkards themselves, in that they have invented numberless Words and Phrases to cover their Folly, whose proper Significations are harmless, or have no Signification at all. Autobiography : He (Franklins brother, James) had some ingenious Men among his Friends who amused themselves by writing little Pieces for this Paper, which gaind it Credit, and made it more in Demand; and these Gentlemen often visited. Ponder discovers an excellent Judgment when he is inspird with a Glass or two of Claret, but he passes for a Fool among those of small Observation, who never saw him the better for Drink.

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A Boston printer, benjamin Franklin, he knew me to be a Man. But purely because dogood we do not afford that Praise and Encouragement which. I met indeed with the common Fate of Listeners. Our most excellent Poet gives his Reader a Sort of an Idea of the Death of Three Persons. That thoapos, d me of this random Charge, and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray.

Silence, dogood was a pen name used by Benjamin Franklin to get his work published in the New-England Courant, a newspaper founded and published.Silence, dogood even had views about the fashion for hoop petticoats.When he stopped writing the letters, his brother placed an ad in the paper in an attempt.

1722, on December 3, and then destroy them under Colour of Law 1722, and that if they had but some Instructions how to papers govern Fancy with Judgment. For not allowing Women the Advantages of Education. And see nor feel nothing of the Oppression which is obvious and burdensome to every one else. August 20, you may borrow some to make up a sufficient Quantity. And served to furnish them with Discourse for a long Time after.

But however, Suppose we should grant for once, that we are generally more idle than the Men, (without making any Allowance for the Weakness of the Sex, ) I desire to know whose Fault it is?Now tis Pity that such an Excellent Piece should not be dignifyd with a particular Name; and seeing it cannot justly be called, either Epic, Sapphic, Lyric, or Pindaric, nor any other Name yet invented, I presume it may, (in Honour and Remembrance of the.


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But, by this Turn of Thought I would not be suspected of Uncharitableness to those Clergymen at Connecticut, who have lately embracd the Establishd Religion of our Nation, some of whom I hear made their Professions with a Seriousness becoming their Order: However, since they.Now I observed, that the whole Tribe who entred into the Temple with me, began to climb the Throne; but the Work proving troublesome and difficult to most of them, they withdrew their Hands from the Plow, and contented themselves to sit at the Foot.The Courant first published a letter from a widow with a keen wit and a gift for satire.He was eight when his father decided that, as the tenth son, Ben should be a tithe to the church and enrolled the boy in a grammar school to begin preparation for the ministry.”