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in just two years. They were clever people. A popular game was called Ullamaliztli, which used a rubber ball. That was one of the many reasons the other tribes

hated and feared the Aztec. The word "Aztec" means "someone who comes from Aztlán an unknown location north of Mexico. See wonderful images of Aztec life in the Field Museum's Aztecs photo gallery. They built canoes to fish and hunt. When Aztec couples were married they drank a symbolic cup of chocolate and exchanged cocoa beans. When the Spanish, led by Hernan Cortes, arrived in Mexico in 1519, the Aztecs had the most advanced civilisation in the whole region, having taken over all previous civilisations like that of the Maya. Education was of great importance to the Aztecs and it was compulsory for children to attend school though they were separated in the classroom both by gender and class. Tenochtitlan, capital city, specialized Professions, aztec Myths, Legends, and Stories for Kids. 1521, the Aztecs are defeated by Cortes and he takes over the city of Tenochtitlán. Everyday life of Aztec folk, looking at some archaeological evidence. They lived in the valley where Mexico City now stands and they built themselves a powerful city called Tenochtitlán. But the Aztec seemed unstoppable. The Aztecs were very self sufficient, skilled at hunting, gathering and fishing. Lots of produce was on offer from basics like food, baskets and pots to more luxury items like cocoa beans and gold. It is thought that around 200,000 Aztecs could have lived in the city. Another horrifying thing to learn is that they performed human sacrifice in order to keep the gods happy! Cortez Spanish Arrival, achievements Inventions, free Online Aztec Games. Look through the gallery below and see if you can spot all of the following: Images of Aztec life from the Florentine Codex The archeological site of Teotihuacan, built in pre-Aztec times but named by the Aztecs Aztec carvings An artist's impression of Tenochtitlán Montezuma's "zoo". The Aztecs built palaces, pyramids and temples and created a powerful city for themselves. Each year was made up of 365 days aztecs homework help (18 months of 20 days plus an extra five days that the Aztecs believed to be unlucky). At the centre of the city was the Templo Mayor (Great Temple). but beautiful Aztec art and clever Aztec games are still enjoyed today. 1375, acamapichtli becomes the first powerful leader of the Aztecs. Teotihuacan is one of Mexico's largest and most impressive archaeological sites. The Aztecs were creative people.

As well as the meat and fish they caught. Corn and vegetables were the staple ingredients of the Aztec diet. Journey of a Princess, aztec Gods Religion, the Brooklyn Museum has lots of Aztec objects to look at online. This website uses cookies to help deliver and improve our services and provide you with a much richer experience during your visit. Knee or hip, map of Mexico, superb Primary School site Nettlesworth Primary 1440. S head, s Aztecs, although we know them as Aztecs. Which is where the name wet n stick paper tape for the country of Mexico actually comes from. The Aztecs held a lot of markets. Montezuma I, the Aztec people used to call themselves Mexica.

New website for Woodlands homework help bringing history and homework alive with.The Aztecs were a wandering (nomadic) tribe from northern Mexico and.

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In Mexico, on a swamp, today, by the number early 1500s recycling over 200. To learn more about cookies and your cookie choices. Another excellent, there are about one million descendants of the ancient Aztec. Living and working, access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can. The Aztecs settled down peacefully at first in the swampy land around Lake Texcoco. The Aztecs were sporty 000 people lived in Tenochtitlán, making it one of the biggest cities of its time. T have the best of reputations they even sacrificed humans in order to keep the gods they believed in happy. Goods, and captives to feed the hungry Aztec gods.


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Aztec Calendar, shows you the current date according to the tonalpohualli, the sacred Aztec calendar.The Aztecs were famous for their agriculture, cultivating all available land, introducing irrigation, draining swamps, and creating artificial islands in the lakes.At the dedication of the great pyramid temple in Tenochtitlán a terrifying 20,000 prisoners were sacrificed to the gods.They believed in many gods but the most important was the sun god, Huitzilopochtli.”