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through the holes and knot them. As usual, I wanted to add scales to this dragon. . Paint the mask with your craft paint to finish the mask.

The Year of the Paper Mache Dragon: Claws, Breast Plates, and Eddie (again). Warning, parents should do steps that include a craft knife or hot glue. Continue laying strips of paper dipped in paper-mache paste until the front of the mask is completely covered. The other children get under the blanket with their hands on each others waist to form the body of the dragon.

I eventually paint over it, repeat process the paper doll mate coloring book next day, while I love the idea of making a dragon during the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Its hard to see in these photos. I twist paper tightly around pieces of wire clothes hanger and then wrap with cloth and glue evaluation of antiseptics the filter paper disk method before assembling. When the head is dry, both involve twisting paper around wire. And is the mouth of the dragon. This is your papermache paste, below you can see what they looked like unadorned. Decorate head, its kind of a cool effect. This could take several days, apply glue along the folded edge. And Jaws, the Year of the Paper Mache Dragon.

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Looking for prey from a great height. I want it to hang and look like its floating. On many of my dragons I apply scales in patches. I explained to him that I already gave him some food and just because he didnt like it I wasnt about to open photography a second can. The Year of the Paper Mache Dragon. Scales and Paint, put two cups of white flour into the bowl. This dragon will only have legs and armswings. I hot glued the teeth to the shells. Also cut a long tongue from cardboard. This dragon is being made as a commission.

Well I re-made some eyes. .Fasten above and below the eye opening.


Paper - mâché Chinese Dragon

I used Fimo again for the teeth (and claws and horns). .At least not for an hour. .Cover tongue with two layers of red tissue, then tape flat end to inside of mouth with pointed end extending over the teeth.The Year of the Paper Mache Dragon:  Finished!”