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SS and have partners who teach ILA math, science, etc. However, in my classroom we play a math game every Friday and a winner is chosen (random) from the

winning team. The homework discussion came up over and over at #TMC12. The biggest problem was that I just stacked these in a pile and didnt really look at them until the end of the trimester. No one is totally happy with their system, but here were some common themes. She could then quickly look and see whose was missing. View Item (178 words) View Post View Thread one more thing. Download: missed homework c (50.688 KB view Post, hw, posted by:Nikki #141917, please Signin. If the homework is comleted, the card gets punched. I've used this weekly check-list format with my classes from 3rd did not turn in homework form grade up to 6th grade. However, I have the same problem with this age group. It also allows me to tell them that I all already know the answer, I want to see HOW they came up with that answer. View Item (162 words) View Post View Thread Morning Sign-in sheets Posted by:johabella #139851 Please Signin My 5th graders come in and turn their homework in a basket. Other teachers choose to use them for certain types of off-task behavior. Homework is an important part of their learning and grade. (We don't agree but are already fighting that battle on the correct level.) Anyway, the policy includes that after three missed assignments a madatory after-school detention must be assigned. I keep the list attached to the stack of papers. The amount is determined by the grade level. They find their name, write down a #1 (turned in all homework #2, (turned in some homework or a #3 (didn't turn in homework) and then they initial. I purchased 2 long red pocket charts, the kind with the pockets that are big enough to put a piece of paper. I just check it for completion as they are doing a bell ringer activity. I may try. What happens is, one teacher takes the kids who have not been completing assignments (we did not turn in homework form called it Homework Club last year, but I am going to think up a new name) and they sit in her room silently and either complete that work. I am also thinking and making changes for next year and homework collection/checking was at the top of my list. For questionable work effort, they bring the work to me and I decide how it should be marked. For most kids, this is a real grade booster as 50 points is equivalent to a test grade in my class. Missing HW#5 is an afterschool detention with the principal! At the end of 2 weeks, whoever has all 10 punches gets to play. If the student did not do the work, I quickly jot their name down and they stay in at morning recess to. Then, I had students fill out this yellow slip when they didnt do their homework.

With the lowest numbers at the bottom. Write their name on them and number 110 on each end of the card that way you can use it for 4 weeks. But the student stays in at recess to complete the missing work. I homework actually use it when I not meet with parents. I would love any suggestions, this year I would like to do something similar. I could have them fill out another GDoc when they complete their homework but Im afraid they wont be able to keep up with this. I label each one with a subject and that it where they hand in all there assignments. I use index cards, so that will really limit my homework assignments.

Did not turn in homework form

Courtney Please Signin I also teach 4th grade. They get to go into a drawing and one gets picked to play. This year Iapos, until I have signed the hats missed HW as made up the student will have consequence. Download, paper some teachers use forms for missed homework assignments only.

 And this should be an easy way to have the student keep track.Here is my proposed sheet.I am looping with my students, so I really needed to change things that did not work because some students.


No, I, didn't Do My Homework!

Download: homework check-off c (99.84 KB view Post, same here.There has been much discussion on Twitter about having an electronic GDoc Form that students filled out when they did not do their homework.Last year, I saw an amazing Student Responsibility Card.If someone doesn't have it, then that child goes and asks them for.”