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be best for you to hold the lantern in the proper position as another friend or relative staples the ends together. 21 22 Method 2 Making a Traditional Japanese

Paper Fan 1 Obtain your materials. Check out my tape person installation art project here. Make a solid crease, either with your hand, or a semi-heavy object like a paperweight. In addition to creating their sculpture, students also participate in an in-progress critique. Use a hole-punch to punch a hole into the paper of your lantern. Take your ruler, and mark a 1/2 inch down from where the two short edges meet. Tie a knot on each end of the string to hold the lantern as it hangs. Upload error Awesome picture! Check out my lesson on glass fusing here. 8 Glue the first panel to the wire frame. However, do not cut the 1/2 inch line you drew near where the short edges meet. You will also need to buy: 1 2, tissue paper (different colors super glue or hot glue. 11 12, if you plan to hang your lantern, run the extra wire at the top of the frame straight across the top opening, looping it once in the middle before wrapping or soldering it to the other side. 5 6, leave an opening at both the top and bottom of your wire frame. While you can paint any design you wish, traditional Japanese designs usually include flowers, nature, and animals native to the country of Japan. It is best to use either hot glue or super glue, as regular school/table glue will not hold the paper to the wire. Did you try these steps? Make sure you are using suitable glue, as paper can easily crinkle. Use a ruler to measure out two rectangles that are 1/2 inch X 12 inches. Step 4: Cut Out the Circle and Remove cute way to paint or color paper crosses the Backing. From here on, you will be able to glue at least one edge of each panel to the neighboring panel. For a square or rectangular frame, you can either create a separate panel for each side or wrap the entire sides with one sheet. 4 Bend and twist your piece of paper. For more information on soldering, visit: How to Solder Wire Sculptures 6, form a base for your lantern.

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You can visit as a how to list a bible verse in a paper general guide. Be sure the loop is large enough to ubc thesis length accommodate the structure that will poke up through the bottom of the lantern. You can always come back and cut a new piece of paper to cover the empty spot.

Find this Pin and more on 3D, reed Tissue Paper, sculpture by Thomas Parker.Luminous inspirations by Kent Davis Looks like my friend Stephens work.Sculptural lamp - Love it!

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Remove the wire frame from the mold. Apply a small amount of paint to a clean paper plate. Place the Cylinder on Top of the Clear Contact Paper. Never use this kind of lantern if there and is wind. And Draw a Circle Onto the Contact Paper That Is About an Inch Wider Than the Base of the Cylinder. Wrap the second strip on the bottom of the lantern. Below are the other lessons included in this pack.

First, you will need a plain piece of 12X18 inch construction paper.Your exact design will depend on the structure of the lamp you put the lantern.


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Staple the long edges together.Check out my coil vessel lesson here.Lay your piece of construction paper on a flat surface that is safe to paint.If you want a polygonal lantern, either find a suitable object to wrap the wire around or make a unique mold out of scrap materials.”