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tube closed with a strip or two of tapeand wave it around to show how stiff. Look over your work to make sure everything is correct and clear.

Themes, structures, recycled materials, interior Design, learning Objectives: Students will: Work in cooperative groups or alone to construct a table using materials provided. Take two newspaper tubes; bend one into a triangle, a common shape for supports, and the other into a square. For older kids Consider limiting them to one foot packets of tape. (5 minutes.) Pique interest by asking, Do you think you can build a table out of newspaper? Data tables can also help you make graphs and other charts based on your information. Dents, creases, and wrinkles that put stress on some areas more than others make a material weaker. The triangle will withstand more force and provide more stability than the square, but orientation matters! (Make sure it isnt lopsided and has adequate supports. Start at one corner and roll diagonally toward the other corner, with the first roll about the diameter of a straw. Major funding was provided by the National Science Foundation (Award #0735007 The Camille Henry Dreyfus Foundation, and Oracle. View the original lesson, see more activities like this, or visit the, design Squad Activity Guide.). Reinforce or replace dented or wrinkled areas that weaken legs.) The table wobbles. Paper or design notebooks for sketching table designs. Wiggle it to see if it feels stable. Reduce height to increase stability.) The table collapses. Changing the shape of a material affects its strength. Record the data from your experiment or research in the appropriate columns. For more activities like these, see the Design Squad Nation Activity Guide or browse section by section at PBS Kids. For example, if you're researching how much rain fell in the past year, your independent variable would be the months of the year. View the DIY Paper Table video clip in which Design Squad Nation hosts Adam and Judy try this activity. Place a heavy book on top to see if it is strong enough to hold the weight. Write a title at the top of your paper. How can you make a strong tube out of a piece of newspaper?

How much can a paper table hold

Books or stacks of magazines to test table much each tables strength. They will learn to brainstorm, mont" influence the tables design. Masking tape, younger kids may need help from adults to roll tight.

When you test, how much can a paper table hold modifications For younger kids Younger kids will have a difficult time limiting themselves to 8 sheets of paper. A tube shape lets the load. Videos, the legs tilt or twistFind a way to stabilize and support them. And try again, grades 68, materials per person 1 piece of cardboard or chipboard approximately 8 12 x 11 inches heavy book. Building Design, e PBS programs, all you need is a pen and paper. Lesson Plans Tags, the table legs tilt or twist. Scholastic, have students brainstorm 10 minutes how they could use these materials to make a paper table thats at least 8 inches tall and strong enough to hold a book. Not just one section, that number should be recorded in the rightmost column.


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Itea, the Nature of Technology (1-3 Technology and Society (6 Design (8 -10).(This challenge uses tubes because it takes more force to crumple paper when it's shaped as a tube.).Tape them closed and set them on the floor.Present their projects to classmates and answer questions related to their tables design.”