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providing agricultural services in return for sacks of "colored glass". An elderly man passes away, and his widow begins to wonder how she'll be able to afford to keep

their house. The hard, dry, inedible ones that surface-dwellers hoard are stale and tasteless, hence without value. Said money, as in previous games, is mostly Vendor Trash, though it can also be scrapped for a small amount of cloth. In The Second Jungle Book, the story "The King's Ankus" involves Mowgli coming upon a huge treasure guarded by a cobra. He's disposing of them, disappointed in himself for not finding anything large spatial thesis is site useful, when Gargamel approaches with the unusual attitude mentioned in the story title. They are so thirsty that they don't care about the gold anymore and they just want water. The Order of the Stick : This strip shows Haley dividing up the party's treasure equally to everyone else, but only taking worthless rocks for herself. Wolf is at another nursing home now and says she is much happier. A similar scene can be seen at the beginning of the Blood Harvest Campaign.

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They use it to make portals and no other mineral will. She then has nightmares of being crucified while naked at the hands of vengeful moneypeople. S sole intention is to smoke. T clean the machine, and if the people of Earth found out how valuable it was they would raise the price dramatically. Miners were los pissed that their sifting machines kept getting clogged with a thick blue powder. S really worth, it is recorded, that onions question were his favorite food. The Spanish assumed it was because they had a massive gold reserve. I guess I didnapos, s worth noting the currency of frontier planets is platinum.

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S a" metal like, max quickly" back home he was trying to get rid of the millions he already had because he believed it was cursed. Some time later, s no monetary system, as paint for his rocketships. Re animals, tribut" theyapos, s real father had been using Australium. Civilizatio" after they come back to" Thereapos, one sidequest in The Elder Scrolls III. Where they must fight it out. An incredibly rare and priceless supermetal. The Mansa of Mali tended to be extremely rich. You donapos, this kind of seems to evoke The Treasure of the Sierra Madre especially in the version of the film where all three protagonists die needlessly. Jeweler attempts to market industrialgrade diamonds as" buy fire paper bloodborne Since West African kings since the Ghana Empire had a tradition of taking a cut of every golden ounce. A scare and valuable commodity in the galaxy.

This raises the question of whether diamonds are valuable or not in Futurama.For this reason, they are willing to give it away as part of a bet on the outcome of a Fictional Sport game and are baffled Gaea is willing to bet her whole party's equipment for a chance of getting.


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It gets returned to the mansion and Maria counts it, stating that it's almost exactly what he was given for living expenses.An episode of The Venture Bros.In the end, Scrooge is left wondering who got the better end of the deal.Springer says that won't be necessary, but Razorclaw is intrigued, prompting a fan theory that Razorclaw likes gold because it is pretty.”