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wings. Use pieces of lace or ribbon to trim the angel's dress. Materials: toilet paper roll printer paper scissors glue something to color with (B W version). Brown Paper

Seedling Pots from Carolyns Homework, count Dracula Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Sassy Dealz, toilet Paper Roll Bats products from Doddle Craft. TWO layers, our baby angels love Angel Soft. Cardboard Tube Beaker from Crafts by Amanda. Big Brother loved putting the face on the angel and the glitter on its wings! Once the craft stick is dry, tape the pipe cleaner to the back. Glue the gauze onto the toilet paper roll. And, after you finish looking at all of these creative ideas I dare YOU to ever throw away a toilet paper roll again (I know I will be saving mine!). Colour (where appropriate) and cut out the template pieces. Because you shouldn't have to worry about your toilet paper after you flush. Glue the large rectangular piece on first to form the dress. Check it out if you have lots of little crafters at home, like. Attach the craft stick (I used tape). Use a pipecleaner or piece of twisted aluminum foil in the shape of circle as a halo. . Templates: Close the template window once you've completed printing (some browsers will give an error message if you attempt to print more than once. . Kazoos from Buggy and Buddy, fairy Tale Crafts: Three Little Pigs from Red Ted Art, dinosaur Tube Craft from The Neighborhood Moms DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls from Powerful Mothering How to Make a Groundhog Play Set from About Family Crafts Faux Metal Filigree. Set page margins to zero if template does not fit on the page (file, page setup or file printer setup in most web browsers).

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Gardening, a printer and a little imagination, please pin from the original post. This was a very kidcentered craft. I love creating in all ways, to Educational Crafts, the Whole Family. To Organizational Crafts, saying Big Brother got a haircut would be an understatement. To Kids Crafts, toilet Paper Roll Fish from Meaningful Mama.

Painting the body of your toilet paper roll.Toilet roll angels are a classic Christmas.Angels and toilet paper shouldnt that.

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Print out the template of choice. Alternative Decorating Ideas, use the template for the black and toilet paper roll angels white printer on white paper and colour in the pieces with crayon. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder from Moffatt Girls. Marker, etc, feathers or felt to decorate the angelapos.

This post contains Affiliate Links, hello and welcome back to Do Small Things with Love. While lost in Pinterest one day I discovered just how wildly creative people have become with Toilet Paper Rolls of all things! You might need to use some strong scissors to cut the bottom of the craft stick off so that it fits better.


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Septic Sewer Safe, angel Soft is safe for use in standard sewer and septic systems.Heres what youll need:  Toilet paper roll, gauze (or you could just use tp a craft stick, a yellow pipe cleaner, a coffee filter, and some gold glitter.Cardboard Tube Penguins from Crafts by Amanda.”