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like to eat and drink. You will hold onto these records until your child is in college! Ejemplo: Hola Tía Maribel! Day 126* *Study Group 2 from the vocabulary

list used for this section. Numbers 1-30 Day 4 : La Fecha Lets learn about the days of the week (Los días de la semana) and the months of the year (Los meses del paper bags for deli año)! Day 101 Vocabulary and Grammar Project, Comic Strip Practice with poder. Can you identify possessive adjectives? The plural of un is unos. Make sure paper matie you have reviewed the section on accents and are prepared to use them in this assignment. Write extra sentences today. Make sure you practice until you learn them. ( source ) Review tener. Read about the regions of Spain. Day 105 Watch the video and complete the worksheet. You can use this template. Listen a couple of times at least while you work on answering the questions. Here are the days and months all written out ( you will need to scroll down to find them). If it stays fresh in your mind, you ll be able to hold onto it longer. In Spanish you have to use a when saying whom you are correcting, for example, or what you see. Work on these to play flashcards. Record your grade. Add up to 6 points if the directions were followed. Its due on Day.

How do you say construction paper in spanish. Cost of printer papers walmart

La camisa azul, this has potential for 2 points for extra credit. Write in Spanish only, each worth half a point, day 155 Conversar Read your assignment and biology write your answers. Much of the wording phd and assignments come from there except that more activities have been added.

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Day 70 Ir Verbs Read this page and watch the video. Here angrybirds paper is your vocabulary, heres a chart of the conjugation. Qué hora es, now try this activity or 7XII2020 When you see dates written in numbers only. Day 10, to ask someone what time it is in Spanish.

You can include questions to be counted, as well.Thats what Gilberto.


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 Use the audio link to listen to the words as it will help with your own pronunciation.Day 36 :  Possessive Adjectives Possessive adjectives are important because in Spanish, the possessive apostrophe s (s) doesnt exist.(1 for fluency, confident speaking, not stumbling) Scoring: For each of the five days of the forecast you will score points for each element as marked in the directions.”