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next several strips in order, paying attention to pattern match. Its a good cover style for kids books or for notebooks that are toted around a lot in a

bag. Sorry for my bad English. 9 Open the back cover of the book. Lay the first roll of paper, print side down, on the flat work surface. Center the book on the paper. Fold the covers down. When the strip is in the right position, drop down the bottom half and gently smooth the paper against the wall with your hands, beginning at one edge and working your way across. Paper bag scrapbooks are perfect for kids. Also get some lightweight fusible interfacing. By using term end exam paper of ignou ms-1 mba this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. 7 Place the book back onto the fabric. For un-pasted wallpaper, apply pre-mixed paste using a large pasting brush or paint roller, working from the middle to the ends. An average dimension (paperback, notebook) is typically.5 x 12/21.5cm.5cm. Click here to share your story. 2, measure the cover. This will free the roll from the portion youll be working with. Contact paper book covering comes in a roll. Check for air bubbles. Allow the spackle to dry, then sand lightly until the surface is smooth. 10 Slip the book into the flaps. Stack the folded bags inside of one another. 7 Fold the left vertical side of felt. These little books are simple to make. 1 5, place the book back onto the folded paper. Tape can be hard to remove from the book, especially without causing damage.

Leave a small amount of felt above the stitching line. Your paper should be bigger than your book so that you have enough of it to wrap around your book and create pockets for the covers to slide into. Center the book on the fabric. Cut out the fabric to the new measurements 2 Choose the fabric, fusible interfacing is used to add a rigidity or stiffness to a fabric. Whether you use the paper bag scrapbook as a gift or keep it for yourself. You can decorate the book and use it as a mini scrapbook or use it to tell a short story for a young one. Press it into the fabric with a damp cloth. Giving yourself more grand plans paper pads fabric than the dimensions of the book. The book comes together quickly but still allows plenty of customization. Did this summary help you, fold the left edge of the paper in over the cover.

How to, make a, paper, bag, book, cover.This is great for covering school textbooks, notebooks, or any other books you have.

How to make a paper bag book cover

You will want to apply a small piece of tape to hold the plastic in place. First cut two slits in the plastic on either side of the books spine. By using our site, you may want to tape the pocket down if you feel it necessary. You will see flaps that are no longer connected to the parts of paper that are extending on the top and bottom of your book. Remove any handles as well, community earch Add New Question Question Would sandpaper be good for making a book cover 2 Roll out a sheet of the contact paper that is large enough for the book. Carefully unfold the top half of first piece of the wallpaper and gently place the side edge of the strip along the measured line. Glue a ribbon book to the cardstock so you can easily pull it out to see the additional scrapbooking. You agree to our cookie policy.

6 Fuse the interface to the wrong side of the fabric.The paper bag base makes this scrapbook album more affordable than traditional scrapbooks.


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Tell us more about it?Then, using a pin, pin the flaps of fabric together.Upload error Awesome picture!”